How to Update All Apps Automatically on Android with or without Google Play

When using our smartphone, some applications come natively that will become basic tools for our benefit. But others can be downloaded from the virtual store, such as the Play Store. But this App must be updated from time to time and in this tutorial we will teach you how you can update apps automatically on Android devices with or without Google Play.

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These updates are necessary, since the App that we have installed on our mobile device is constantly being improved. Also for prevent failures that disable the application or to make patches. All this in favor of offering a quality service and that allows us to enjoy the advantages for which the App in question has been designed.

But if it were a single application, updating it would not be a big problem, but in general we usually have many Apps installed. And in this case, if this update process can become a real headache. It is for this reason that we have created this article and we will teach you How to automatically update all the Apps on our Android device.

How can we update the App automatically on Android

Users who use mobile devices with the Android operating system can enjoy functions that allow you to simplify some processes. Y automatic app updates is one of them. In this way it will not be necessary for you as a user to be supervising the different applications you use to see which one has an update.

In order to carry out this process automatically, you will need to carry out a series of configurations on your mobile. And in this way, everything will be in the hands of the device itself to search, find and update the App. Although sometimes, it is possible that a problem may arise and the device does not update automatically.

Steps to automatically update Apps on your Android with Google Play

What we are going to do is simply activate the automatic updates of all Apps that you have installed on your mobile device. Both those that are made through the Google virtual store, which must be updated, and those that you cannot find that way.

In the case of applications that you can download from the Play Store, let’s see how we can activate automatic updates.

As a first step, you must go to the Play Store application, then you must search in the section where all the applications of your mobile are stored. The next step is to enter the settings menu of the Play Store. Then you need to look for the Update settings option and then Update apps automatically.

Entering this section you will have the power to change the default values, among the options you will find are. The first option ‘Don’t update apps automatically’. The next option ‘Automatically update apps at any time’ and the last ‘Automatically update apps over Wifi only’.

In our case you can use any of the last two options and they will perfectly do what you want to do which is update apps automatically. In the event that you have applications that are not downloaded from the Google virtual store. Those known as APKs recommend that you use an App that will help you with this process.

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And it’s about the APKUpdate, for this process you only have to enter its official page and download and install the App on your mobile, you will not have a problem with it. Once the installation is done, enter its interface and look for the Configuration section. And here you will be able to make the settings so that it notifies you when there is a new version of your applications.

You realize how simple and fast it can be to activate some functions on your mobile to update your applications. And in simple steps we could teach you How to update your Apps automatically on Android devices, with or without the Play Store.