How to uninstall Microsoft Teams Machine-Wide Installer

With telecommuting, Teams has experienced tremendous growth. You may want to uninstall theMicrosoft’s video conferencing tool for an alternative solution like ZOOM.

But here’s how how to uninstall Microsoft Teams properly? Indeed, the tool is installed on most user sessions and keeps coming back, so here is a complete procedure to uninstall Teams properly.

What is Teams?

It is a collaborative solution that is available for free or as part of a Microsoft 365 subscription, It allows you to plan vision conferences, share files and discuss your projects with your customers and partners.

Its direct competitor is Slack.

In all cases I recommend that you do not combine the applications so as not to monopolize all the resources of your computer.

Teams is not easy to uninstall, indeed uninstalling from the “programs and features” menu is not enough. We must apply another method detailed in this tutorial.

uninstall Teams from Programs and Features

Why does Microsoft Teams reinstall itself?

Even if you uninstall Teams, it will reinstall itself on restart.

There is another application which slips into the user profile and in particular into the AppData folder.

A second application is installed, it is Teams Machine-Wide install.

In reality it is a software used in organizational deployments of Microsoft Office. It is used to automatically install Microsoft Teams on multiple PCs, it is usually a deployment kit set up by system administrators.

In case the Teams Machine-Wide Installer is present, Microsoft Teams will reinstall itself.

The first step is therefore to uninstall the two Teams applications to avoid untimely reinstallation.

teams machine wide installer
Here are the two Teams apps that are installed.

Step 1 – Uninstall Microsoft Teams

To uninstall the two Microsoft Teams applications you have to go to Applications and Features

  • Right click on the Windows start menu then choose Applications and Features
Windows 10 apps and features menus
  • In the search bar enter the keyword Teams to view all Teams-related apps.
Teams app in Windows programs
  • You have to uninstall Microsoft Teams & Teams Machine Wide Installer
uninstall Teams from Programs and Features
  • A message asks you for confirmation to uninstall the application, click YES. A few seconds are enough.

Step 2 – Clean up Microsoft Teams configuration folders and registry keys

The last step is to clean the configuration folders that are not deleted after the uninstallation. We will also delete the remaining traces in the registry.

Local Appdata Cleanup

To delete the configuration files, go to the Appdata folder. The easiest way is to touch Windows + R and enter the following command % localappdata% Microsoft in the address bar.

local appdate windows menu run

In the folder you must delete everything related to Teams:

Teams folders in the local Appdata folder
Here is the contents of my Local Appdata folder.

Registry cleaning

Now we are going to make a modification in the registry.

We must do the Windows key + R and type “regedit”.

open regedit
enter regedit to open the registry

In the Registry Editor window, we will go to this key HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Office Teams .

We will check the presence of the key Preventinstallationfrommsi. You can add it by right clicking> New> String value, naming the string Preventinstallationfrommsi

regedit Teams

The hexadecimal value 1 must be assigned to the key.

Microsoft Teams registry key

With that Teams should no longer try to sneak back in.

Uninstallation with Microsoft Office Removal Tool

Microsoft offers a tool to uninstall the Office 365 suite and Microsoft Teams. This kit is called Microsoft Office Removal Tool

You can download Office removal tool and run the file.

The Office Removal Tool will launch automatically after installation is complete.

Microsoft Office Removal Tool Installation

We accept the terms of use:

Microsoft Office Removal Tool Terms of Service

We then check the relevant office suite:

microsoft removal tool dashboard

Then we validate that our documents are closed:

validation uninstallation office

Please note that the Office Removal Tool will perform the complete removal of all Office applications from your PC, including Microsoft Teams.

Logically with all the solutions proposed above you should no longer have any problems uninstalling Microsoft Teams.

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