How to type the ‘Alpha’ symbol with your mobile or PC keyboard? – Greek letters

Mostly the keyboards that we normally use both on PC and mobile they do not have special characters at a glance. Although some such as @ are included, some others do not normally appear, including special characters or characters from other languages. As in this case, that of the Alpha symbol, which is one of the characters or symbols of the Greek alphabet.

But assuming the case that you need to use this Alpha symbol for some reason, in some of your writings. Perhaps in some scientific project or in the preparation of some academic writing or simply because you want to use it in your normal writing. good with someone Microsoft tool or on your mobile phone How can you do to get this Alpha symbol and with your keyboard? We invite you to discover the answer to this question and to follow the steps that we will give you below.

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What are the keys you can use to type ‘Alpha’ on your PC?

Depending on the program you use in your writing from your PC, there are several ways in which you can write the letter Alpha. in case of you keyboard does not have number keys and you want to place the alpha symbol in a Word document. You can use the following key command: 03B1 + Alt + X. Now, if you have a keyboard that does have number keys, you must use the following key combination: hold down the Alt key and then press the numbers 224.

Another way to place Alpha that will work for you if you use a laptop whose numeric keypad is at the top, is as follows:

  • You must hold down the Fn then NumLK keys, like so You will activate the Lock of the numbered keys.
  • Now you can use the Alt key which you must hold down and then press the numbers 224.
  • With this you should see the Alpha symbol appear in your writing.

If you want to capitalize alpha

In case you need to capitalize the Alpha letter, you must press Alt and then the numbers 913. Releasing the keys will allow you to get the uppercase alpha.

For the lowercase alpha

To write the Alpha in lower case you can press the Alt keys, followed by the numbers 224 or 945 depending on the keyboard. Once you release the keys, the alpha letter should appear in lowercase.

How can you access the special character map on your PC?

If you are one of those who do not know well all the function keys on your keyboard, I recommend that you better use the character map. This map of special characters is possessed by all PCs, regardless of whether they have a Windows or Mac system.

windows keyboard on pc

If you have a Windows PC

In the event that your PC has with windows system, on whose keyboard you can change the layout and use shortcuts. And also, so that you can access the map of special characters you must do the following:

  • Go to the start of your PC which is at the beginning of the taskbar, which is on the bottom of your screen.
  • Once there, locate the Special Character Map in the menu.
  • Now place in the seeker of said map the word Alphaand then double-click it, so you can see and copy the Alpha symbol.
  • After copied you can add it to the text you want, just copy and go.

with a mac

To get the alpha symbol from a Mac PCyou must perform the following procedures:

  • Go to the Finder section, then to the Emoji & amp option and finally select Symbols. From your iPad mobile device you can also access the emoji menu, using a physical keyboard.
  • Now proceed to place the word Alpha in the search box.
  • Doing so will show you that symbol, now you just have to right click on the symbol and select, copy character information.
  • In this way, said character will be added to the keyboard and you will be able to copy and paste it into the text you need.

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What steps should you follow to put the ‘Alpha’ on the keyboard of your mobile?

Now if what you need is use the Alpha symbol from your mobile device. The process to do this is different and will vary depending on the type of keyboard you have installed on it. Although the use of these characters is not very common, it is good to know how to place them if necessary.

For this reason, we will indicate how you can find these special characters based on the Google Gboard keyboard. In which you can even translate texts and is therefore one of the most used on mobile.

  • The first thing you should do is locate yourself in a text editing App such as WhatsApp.
  • In the Gboard keyboard updated to its latest version, it will be shown at the bottom of it and is identified with the numbers: 123.
  • You must click on this symbol to access special charactershere you can see the most frequent ones such as the dollar sign, @, among others.
  • You will also find another option to display more characters, it is identified like this: =\<
  • By clicking on it you will get more special characters, among them the symbol of the Alpha.