How to turn on and set up Google Family Link for kids and teens

For concerned and responsible parents This is definitely a very valuable tool. because today it is necessary for the little ones to use the internet, and parents do not have the time to be glued to them 24 hours a day supervising what they do when they are surfing the net. So many decide to download the Google Family Link App on their mobiles to protect their little ones. App controls can be managed from the mobile app, here we will show you how to activate and configure Google Familyto protect both children and adolescents in the house.

Let’s take into account that the child could at any time stop such monitoringOf course, if the child does this automatically, the parent responsible for the Google Family account will receive a notification informing them of what happened and the child’s tablet or mobile will be temporarily unusable or blocked.

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But in what the son turns 14 years old he will have the option to decide If you want to change your Google Family account to a normal Google account, the parents will be notified of this change by email and from that moment the child will take control of their account.

What do you need to do to successfully register within Google Family Link?

Whoever is in charge of the guardianship of the boy or girl must download parental control from your mobile of Family Link, searching for the App in the ´Google Play Store´ and after you have installed it, the application will ask you certain questions such as: Who are you? Mother, Father or Guardian? Marking the corresponding option, you must follow the following indications or instructions that the application shows.

The App Google will ask if the boy already has his own accountIf the answer is negative, then you must proceed to create one, but if you already have one, then press the affirmative option and it will automatically be linked to parental control by logging in from your mobile.

Should be follow all the steps indicated by Google, Once this is done, the parental control App will ask to link both accounts through a 9-character code that the person in charge must enter on the boy or girl’s mobile and the process will be confirmed.

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How can you create and configure the administrator profile of your Family Link?

To create or configure the administrator profile, the guardian of the child must install the application on their device and then the same application will ask you to manage and configure bill Google to be the administrator of the Google Family Link App. So the application will detect the person’s Google account and once this is done, the tutor must press the ‘Ready’ option to confirm that he will be the account administrator.

What is the procedure to add a ‘Child’ user to your Google Family Link account?

Each member of the family can have a Google Family Link account but it is important that they have a personal Google account so that it can be linked with the Google Family account.

From your iPhone or Android device

In order to add your children to your Google Family Link account from your mobile device, both Android and iPhone, once you have downloaded the App from the store that corresponds to your operating system, you must carry out the following procedures.

  • create the Google account of the son or daughter, entering the credit card data will complete the process, if you have any questions about this procedure you can inform you in the Family Link section ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ Once the entire process is complete, the transaction ends.
  • proceed to download the Family Link app on the child’s device or mobile and log in using the credentials issued by the child’s account, a notification will arrive on your device informing you that both devices are linked to yours and that of your client.
  • now you must log in to the device of the guy with his Google account, your device will let you know when the guy is online.
  • If you have several children to link you must repeat the process mentioned above with the device of each of them.

google family link app on a mobile

with your PC

Via online configuration You can monitor a mobile that contains this Google Family Link App, without you having a Smartphone. Although installing the App is not possible on a Windows computer or a Mac. However, if you can activate the ‘Notifications’ from the PC by accessing the main page of the PC, you must open the App for parents, then you must click on ‘Menu’, ‘Notifications Menu’ and click on the notification that the parent wants to change activate or deactivate said notification for each child that has been added.

How to configure and control the content that your children see on the internet with Family Link?

We already know how to set up ‘Google Family Link’ with parental controls, so from now on we can also set rules for the App store. Having made the control configuration, it will work on mobile devices from where the boy or girl accesses with their own Google account. In order for the settings to be established, the person in charge or guardian of the minor must enter their Google password and thus be able to make the pertinent changes in the options. She should do it this way:

  • First open the Family Link App, and select the minor’s account. Press the option ‘Manage/Settings’ and then tap ‘Google Play Controls’.
  • From there, make the necessary adjustments, such as choosing the content, restricting the unwanted content, and filtering the content that is acceptable.