How to turn off your Chromecast? Without suffering any damage

Every time there are new devices specially created to make our lives easier and allowing us to achieve better enjoyment. Of course, one of these is chrome cast which allows us to send all kinds of content to your tablet or television, it also allows us to perform various functions and we can configure it if we need it.

But this does not have a special button to turn it off and it can remain active while we do not use it. Consequently, it worries users who are wondering How to turn off the Chromecast? For this reason we will teach you all the information you need to know.

Is it important to keep my Chromecast on or is it better to turn it off?

To begin with, Google has indicated that no need to turn off the Chromecast because the device consumes very little electrical power. This is a simple device that does not need a lot of energy, which can consume about 2 watts at most, so keeping it on is not a big problem. Remember, that in order to use this device you must connect it to a Wi-Fi network, allowing you to use less energy consumption.

What are the benefits of turning off Chromecast when not in use?

On the other hand, with the Chromecast we can perform endless functions such as transmitting the screen of our phone.

how to turn off my chromecast

However, once we stop using it, some users tend to prefer to turn off the device to avoid any riskalso because it provides many advantages such as:

Does not overheat

It is certainly common for any device to get hot when it is turned on and connected for a long time. As a result, it can have heating problems, with the Chromecast several users have come to mention that this one gets hot when it has been on for too long, which presents a risk factor for the device.

Thus, the most recommended is to turn it off when we are not using it and although it does not consume much energy, it is not correct to keep a device on while it is not being used.

It is more efficient

On the other hand, although the Chromecast is a very efficient device due to its low power consumption. It is possible to make this be even more efficientbecause when we turn it off we ensure that it rests or does not run out due to excessive use, so that when it is used again it performs any function quickly, since it will not heat up.

safe way to turn off my chromecast

It is also necessary to take care of saving the battery of the devices and since it does not consume as much, you should also turn it off.

Which method should I use to properly turn off my Chromecast?

So in order to turn it off you must apply a procedure. In other words, it is necessary that know the right way to be able to turn it off without any inconvenience and without suffering any type of damage when doing so. Therefore we will mention the correct way how you should turn off the device.

Unplug ‘AC’ adapter

It should be noted that constantly connecting and disconnecting the Chromecast is something that many users do, but it is not recommended. That is, connect it and disconnect it frequently will cause damage to the port because the design that this positive has is not the ideal one to carry out this option repeatedly.

Although it is a quick method cause various damagebeing the best not to implement it and use it only when necessary.

voice commands

Certainly the most recommended option is the voice command, since it allows us to turn the device off and on without it running any risk. Therefore, you need to follow different requirements, which are that the TV to which we are going to connect the Chromecast must have HDMI support and have the device plugged into the wall outlet and not via USB.

Once we have these requirements we will have to enter the television settings and the connection section we will enable the one that says ‘HDMI’. Next, having this enabled, they will be able to enter the voice command we want by saying OK Google followed by the option you want to perform.