How to transfer VLXs from BSC to Metamask

A new Blockchain is in full swing, it is the VELAS blockchain and its token the VLX. The costs are extremely low and it is compatible with METAMASK.

Here is a complete tutorial for get VLX on your Metamask.

What is VELAS?

Velas is a new Ethereum-based blockchain. We can compare it to Polygon or CELO.

It is compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine so it can be considered as a “layer 2”.

The advantage of this blockchain is that it is fast and the costs are low.

The downside is that it is new so there can be bugs and also hacks!

Before placing your marbles, be aware that it is dangerous, invest money that you are ready to lose. This is not investment advice!

Step 1 – Add the VELAS network to your METAMASK

I invite you to follow my tutorial on how secure Metamask with Ledger

Once Metamask is installed on your browser you can add the Velas network using (search for Velas in the engine).

velas on chainlist

It’s done your Metamask is configured for the Velas Blockchain. We can move on to step 2.

Step 2 – Obtain VLX from Binance Smart Chain

For those who already have a foothold in decentralized finance you surely have some cryptocurrencies (BUSD, BNB) that can be converted into VLX on the Binance Blockchain.

You can convert your cryptocurrencies to VLX from

In the Token field, add this contract: 0xe9c803f48dffe50180bd5b01dc04da939e3445fc you then validate the import of the VLX.

Once you have successfully converted from cryptocurrency to VLX we can move on to step 3.

You may need to increase the slippage to 2% for the transaction to go through!

vlx on pancakeswap
by adding the contract the VLX token appears.

Remember to add the VLX token in your Metamask Wallet

metamask import token

The token contract number is 0xe9c803f48dffe50180bd5b01dc04da939e3445fc

vlx metamask
the vlx token is added in your metamask (Binance network)

Step 3 – Create a Velas Web Wallet

This is the least interesting part of the tutorial. We will have to create a wallet on the official VELAS Wallet. The advantage is that it allows switch from the BSC blockchain to the VELAS blockchain.

The address of the Web Wallet is here:

web velas

Then choose “create”

velas wallet creation

Then we define a password to access the Wallet

wallet velas password

When you log in for the first time, you will get your 24 word seed phrase. Save them well, they will restore your Wallet. The most “painful” step is to re-enter the words to validate the creation of the Wallet.

seed phrase velas
you have to memorize the words!

Once the validation is done we will be able to configure the Wallet! this is step 4.

Step 4 – Configuring the Velas Wallet

We are going to add two Binance Smart Chain tokens to our Web Wallet.

  • BNB
  • The VLX version BSC

Click on the icon at the top then added VLX BEP 20 and BNB BEP 20

add bsc velas

Then do + on Binance Coin and Velas BEP-20 in BSC NETWORK

add bep20-vlx
Do the trade twice (1 for Binance Coin, 1 for VLX)

Your two BEP 20 tokens appear in the list.

You thus have two tokens on the Binance Smart Chain, so you can send VLX and some BNB (50 cents is enough to pay the SWAP to the VLX blockchain)

Be careful with the success of the application, a minimum of 1000 VLX is now required to be able to swap to Velas EVM!

Step 5 – Transfer from Binance Smart Chain to Velas EVM

Transfer between Metamask BSC to

From your Metamask you can send your VLX to the Velas BEP 20 address

metamask send vlx

To get the address on the Wallet Velas you click on Receive (make sure you are on VELAS BEP-20), do the same to send some BNB (by choosing Binance Coin)

velas evm address

Once sent, wait a few minutes you will see your VLX in Velas BEP-20

Transfer Velas BEP-20 to Velas EVM

Now by clicking on Velas BEP-20 you can click on “SWAP”

velas swap
the Swap allows you to put your VLX on VELAS EVM

swap validation

Check the Network well you must be in VELAS EVM (VLX), after a few minutes your VLX are available in VELAS EVM.

We’re almost there, now we just have tosend your VLX from VELAS EVM to your VLX address on your METAMASK (VELAS network).


You will find below the presentation of VELAS by the Youtubeur CryptoFarmeur

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