How to transfer photos from my Windows PC to an iPhone or iPad device?

Not all iPhone or iPad users usually use a Mac as a computer, in fact, it is very common to have a Windows PC and iOS mobile devices. In this scenario, it is a bit difficult to find a way to transfer files from the computer to our cell phone, because they are operating systems that are not optimized for each other.

To pass our photos we will have to resort to use the iCloud tool, which is the cloud storage that every iOS user has directly with their Apple ID account.

What must you do to be able to use your iCloud account to receive files from Windows?

iCloud logo

First, in order to use iCloud we must use an account that, if we don’t have one, we can create from any device. Also, to use this service it is essential to have an internet connection on our Windows PC, either through a physical or wireless connection.

Then, we can do the procedure through a web browser or through the official iCloud application on Windows. With this service we can easily make backup copies of our iPhone.

From the official iCloud website

To access Apple’s cloud storage service through a web browser, we will have to go to the official iCloud page, when opening this website it will ask us for our Apple ID to be able to enter together with the password that we have defined previously.

In case of not remembering our Apple ID, we will have to proceed to recover it; If you have no problems with this, you will go directly to your iCloud account.

Downloading the iCloud app

This application can be downloaded from the official Windows store and installed just like any other application. We wait for the download process to complete and then the installation action. It will leave us a shortcut on the desktop for easier access on our Windows PC. The download process it will take depending on your internet connection.

What is the procedure to log into your iCloud account from Windows PC?

Access iCloud

In both versions, whether in browser or application, the process is the same. Once we are in the main menu to login, we proceed to write our Apple ID and password corresponding to our iOS devices. Next, we will have to put the two-factor authentication code, which will come directly to our iPhone or iPad.

At the end of the authentication process, a small window will appear where it will ask us if the browser we use is reliable, for this it will be necessary to use one of the most used for the Windows operating system such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or some version of Opera.

We confirm in the pop-up window and then a main menu will appear with icons that classify the files and documents that we have in our iCloud account.

How can you upload files from your Windows to the iCloud account?

Once logged in We access the ‘Photos’ section, which is identified with the same Reel icon on our iOS device. Upon entering we will see all our photos that are synchronized with our Apple ID. To upload the photo files from our Windows PC to iCloud we must do the following steps:

  1. Click on the ‘Upload’ button that is identified by the icon of a cloud with an up arrow.
  2. A pop-up window will open to find the path of the image to later choose it, you can select several photos if that is the case.
  3. We accept.
  4. We wait for the upload process to complete, it will depend on the speed of our internet service.

ICloud Menu

When uploading the photo, we can move it to any folder we want and it will be available on all our iOS devices that are synchronized with our iCloud account and Apple ID. The good thing about this process is that it’s totally wireless and we will not have to depend on old actions such as connecting cables, putting the storage of our device at risk with malicious software.

What other alternative is there for syncing content between iOS and Windows?

To transfer different files to photographs, we will have to use the iCloud Drive service, which is available in the main menu of the cloud storage service. The process is as simple as using Windows Explorer, adding and deleting content directly from folders. In addition, it is also possible to send shared files.

Another of the best known methods is through the iTunes application, however, with the latest updates and new versions of iOS, it is impossible to transfer content through this mode. It will only work for obsolete equipment with older operating systems such as an iPad Mini.