How to transfer photos from camera or SD card to iPhone quickly?

There are several situations in which you have captured photos using your professional camera and want to export them from the camera to your iPhone, either to edit them in a short time or to post them to your social networks. Do you need to know how to do it? Well, here we offer you the mechanisms to transfer your photos from camera or SD card to iPhone quickly.

What should you do before importing images from a camera or SD card to your iPhone?

Before importing your photos from a camera or SD card to your iPhone phone, you must check the space you have on the device; If you notice that you have little space, free the content that you rarely use, such as videos and applications. Here is some information on how to do it:

Check that you have enough space

If you need to check the storage space on your device, you have to go to Settings, then go to General and finally Device space. you may notice a list of recommendations to obtain enough spacein addition to a list of installed applications with the amount of space occupied by each of the apps.

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You can click on each one to know the space it occupies. In details view you can select the alternative of your choice with the following steps:

  • By uninstalling the app, this will allow you to free up the space the app was occupying, however it will not delete the linked files and data.
  • Deleting the app, This will remove the app and its linked data..
  • It depends on the selected application, so that you can delete documents and linked data.

When you have insufficient space on your device and you can’t free it up, you will surely get an alert that you have almost full storage.

So, you should check the recommendations to improve the storage space and uninstall the less used contents such as: photos and videos saved in the Photos application, multimedia files, emails, PDF files inserted in the Books application, messages and attached files that include, downloaded iCloud Drive content, the different apps with their content, among others.

Note: In the storage section in Settings, you will notice recommendations that are very useful to improve the storage space on your device. You can read the description in each recommendationin order to inform you about the content that it would be useful for you to eliminate.

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How can you transfer photos from your Camera or SD card to an Apple device?

If you want to transfer your photos from your camera or SD memory card directly to any of your Apple devices, we will tell you below the various alternatives to do so:

Using the iCloud service

  1. First, you need to use the SD card adapter to transfer the photos to your Apple device.
  2. When you have transferred them to your device, you will have to enter the photos section and select the images that you like to transfer to your iCloud account.
  3. Next, you will click on the share element located in the lower area, specifically on the left.
  4. Now you will click on ‘Copy photos’.
  5. Then, go to the Files option and find the folder in your iCloud app where you want to paste the images and click on the ‘paste’ option.

This type of procedure may take some time, depending on the size of the images and the internet connection, since they will be uploaded to the cloud.

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With an adapter to the camera

You have two options to do it. You can use the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter or the Lightning to SD Card Reader Camera Adapter. Here’s the next procedure, but first, you will need to insert the adjuster or card reader for cameras to the Lightning connector of the iPhone. Then, run the following steps for each of the items below:

  • To connect the camera: Use the USB cable attached to the camera to connect it to the cameras device. Turn on the camera and then verify that it is in the transfer function. You can consult the document that is attached to the camera for more information.
  • To insert the SD memory card into the card reader: it does not require you to press hard to insert the card into the reader.
  • To connect your iPad or iPhone, use the USB cable that came with the device to insert it into your camera adapter. and then unlock the device.
  • Next, access your photos on your iPhone and press transfer.
  • Then choose the photos you want to transfer and select the destination of the transfer: To transfer all the elements: click on ‘Import all’. To transfer just a few items, tap on the images and videos you want to import (you’ll notice a check mark will be displayed on each), tap Import and choose ‘Import Selected’.
  • Once the photos and videos are transferred, you can save or delete them from the camera, iPhone device, and card.
  • Finally, you must disconnect the device adapted for cameras or card reader.

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Note: Devices that work as Apple Camera Adapters can transfer media files via digital camera or SD card. When the format is not supported by IOS, you cannot view those files on your devices, but alternatively you can transfer them to your PC.

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