How to transfer my playlists from Spotify to Tidal? – Music Linking

In Spotify we can perform a wide variety of actions, between them create a playlist. However, the fact of doing so involves the point of only being able to listen to this list by entering this platform. This can become somewhat counterproductive due to various aspects, such as in case you want to play or share this playlist from another platform such as Tidal.

The truth of all this is that there are tools and options to transfer those playlists from one side to the other and we will teach you how to do it quickly and easily. Read on and find out all about this.

What tools allow you to share your playlists with Tidal?

There are cases where we want to switch from one platform to another, such as from Spotify to Tidal. The question lies in all the added playlists or the playlists that we have created over time and how we can share them back and forth. Given these drawbacks, we can take into account some quite interesting tools that may solve the problem.

Through these tools we can carry out the respective transfer of any type of playlist that we have in mind without any problem. Some of the most used options are the popular Soundiiz and Tune My Music, both with this function. Below we will tell you a little more about these services and How can we carry out the transfer process?

soundiiz platform


It is an administrator and manager for musical content, from Soundiiz we will have a great variety of options, tools and adjustments that we will be able to use without any problem. However, some of these actions are for premium users. Despite this, we will have the option to transfer playlists from one platform to another seamlessly.

From Soundiiz we can share our playlist easily with any platform like Deezer, Spotify, Tidal, Soundcloud, Youtube Music, Amazon Music, iTunes and many other services. Soundiiz works through a synchronization system, therefore, before starting the process we will have to synchronize our respective Spotify or Tidel accounts.

Tune My Music

Compared to Soundiiz, Tune My Music offers a much more complete and totally free service. This tool has the same function, that is, the ability to transfer or share our music content hosted on one platform to another as such. Tune My Music also has other quite interesting features such as, for example, the option to make a backup of all your music.

From this service you can also see a much simpler process to carry out, in addition to also like Soundiiz, it has a wide variety of platforms that can be used for content transfer. Tune My Music also offers us the option of uploading our own musical content directly from our device or PC. A very interesting variant.

tune my music platform

What steps to follow to link Spotify with Tidal using Soundiiz?

Both Soundiiz and Tune My Music have the function of being able to share content from one platform to another, however the steps to follow to carry out this action are a little different. In the case of Soundiiz we will have to register on the website to be able to enjoy its services. That is to say, we will have to create an account.

Process to create an account

Our first step to create an account will be to enter directly to the official Soundiiz portal, from here we will be able to appreciate a button with the inscription ‘Start now’, we will click and continue. This will take us to a new section where we can register manually, that is, by entering our respective email and password.

We will also have the option to register automatically directly with our Facebook, Apple, Spotify, Google and Twitter accounts. Once we choose one of the 2 methods, we will officially enter our Soundiiz profile, there we will be able to see on the left side of the screen an archive classified into songs, albums and artists based on our profiles.

Configuration and access to your profiles

It is important to bear in mind that Soundiiz will give us the possibility of accessing almost any musical platform that exists, from Spotify, iTunes or YouTube Music to Soundcloud or Napster, in short, endless opportunities. Once inside Soundiiz we will only have to choose the platform to which we want to enter, and then accept the respective content transfer permissions.

spotify black

Once this is done we can find all the playlists that we ever saved on that platform, such as Spotify. Then we will have to do the same with Tidal, in order to have both profiles within Soundiiz. Once the synchronization is finished, we will have both the playlists saved from Spotify and Tidal.

To finish, we will only have to go to the Spotify playlists within Soundiiz, there we will select which one we want to share and we will click on ‘transfer’. During this process we can change the name of the playlist, also give it a description and even edit it. Finished this, we click on share and that’s it, we’ll have that playlist on Tidal.

How can you use Tune My Music to transfer your playlists from Spotify to Tidal?

With Tune My Music the content transfer process is more practical, however it does not offer all the tools that Soundiiz presents. To start we will have to go to the Tune My Music page, from there we can see a button that says ‘start’, we click and then we can see all the platforms we can use.

Here we will select Spotify so that later we are presented with a section in which we will have to copy a link, so we will look for the link of that playlist that we want to share. Once achieved we will only have to copy and paste the link in the box.

share content laptop

Once this is done, the playlist will load and then it will count all the songs it has. Finally, we will only have to click on the Tidal box and that’s it. We will have shared the playlist.