How to transfer music from iTunes to Android phone? – Various methods

If you have an Android phone and you used iPhone before, you should not worry about losing the music that you had saved in iTunes. Today we will teach how you can transfer the music that you have saved on your iPhone to any Android device. Remember that you can transfer more things from Apple to your PC.

Where is the iTunes music folder on PC?

The place where we can find the iTunes music folder may vary, since not everyone keeps the iTunes music folder in the same place. However, if you selected standard settings when downloading the Apple application, you will most likely find the iTunes folder in the music directory on your computer.

In case the folder is not there, you can open the File Browser and type in the search engine the word iTunes so that Windows will start looking for all the files on your computer with that name. In this way you will find the iTunes folder without fail.

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How do I transfer songs from iTunes to Android using my PC?

Inside the iTunes folder that we have previously located, enter and search for the iTunes Media section and look for the Music section. In this section is all the music that we have acquired through iTunes. You can also fix gray songs.

Having prepared the iTunes Music folder, the next thing we have to do is look for the USB cable of the new Android device to which we are going to place the music. We connect it to our PC, open the folder that contains all the files on the phone and look for the Music folder of the telephone.

Now that we have the Music folder on the phone open, we look for the iTunes Music folder and we select all the files within the folder and drag them to the Android Music folder. We will have to wait for the files to pass before we can do anything else, as this could hinder the music transfer process.

Also if you wish, you can create a folder on your desktop and there drag all the iTunes music that you want to transfer to your Android mobile device. And once it’s all there, just cut the folder on the desktop and paste it into the music folder on your phone.

Can customize the new folder music created from the desktop or from the phone section. All you have to do is change the name so that you know what songs you have recovered from iTunes.

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What is the best way to transfer music from iTunes to Android using Youtube Music?

The best and fastest way to transfer your iTunes music to your Android phone using YouTube Music is through the sync file upload. To be able to do this process, the first thing you should do is change the iTunes format to the songs for a common one, so that it can be uploaded to YouTube Music.

If you don’t know how to convert your iTunes music, remember that you can drag iTunes songs to a folder and from there you can upload them to a online music converter so that you can transform it into an MP3 format or any other that YouTube accepts.

After the music is ready to be uploaded, what you have is to enter YouTube, look for the part of YouTube Music, click on the icon of your profile picture and find where it says Upload music.

By clicking on upload music you can drag the files you want to upload to YouTube Music and wait for them to load. Once the songs are loaded on the platform, a message will appear telling you that I have already has completed the process And voila, you can now enter YouTube Music from your Android device and download the songs.

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How do you use AirDroid to transfer music from iTunes to Android?

Using AirDroid to transfer music from iTunes to your Android device is also another very good option that you can use. You only need to have the iTunes music folder located on your computer (which you should already have) and install the AirDroid app on your PC and on the phone where you want the music downloaded from your old Apple device to be.

Once you have the requirements that we have mentioned above, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

We open the AirDroid application from our computer, then we select the iTunes music folder or if you want to create a new folder you can do it and we drag it to the application. We hope they load all the files and we will only have to pass them to the phone.

Already loaded the files now we have to open the app from the phone and we look for the files that we have uploaded from our computer.

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After locating the folder we have to download the folder on our phone And voila, you will have all the iTunes songs directly on your cell phone without having to connect a USB cable.

The music you have downloaded to your phone through AirDroid you can use it in any player application that you have on your mobile device. So you will not have to enter the App every time you want to listen to a past song from iTunes.

It is important that you keep in mind that the AirDroid application is not free at all. This means that even if it doesn’t cost you anything, download it, with the free version you can only download a certain amount of size per use. If you want to use it without limits you will have to acquire the Premium Version which is worth more or less about $ 1.99 per month. You can also transfer files from your Android to your PC.