How to transfer contacts from one Gmail account to another?

We know that Google provides users with a variety of services, from its excellent search engine to its remarkable and outstanding online service Gmail, it goes far beyond being an email, since it allows you to preserve your documents, photos and contacts in an easy way and safe. Here we will show you how to transfer your contacts from one Gmail user to another.

Where is the ‘Export’ option in your Gmail account?

To find the ‘Export’ alternative in your Gmail account, you must go to Google Contacts. Then in the upper left, click on more actions and then you can locate the Export item.

What exactly is exported?

You can easily pass and download, as well as accurately your Gmail email details. With this service you can download the data that you have not deleted, also create your own file to keep the information you prefer or use the data through another service. Among the elements to export are:

  1. The content of messages, the headers and the attachments of the same.
  2. Drafts of messages.
  3. Gmail labels with the following message categories:
  • From received, not read and sent.
  • The featured ones.
  • From chat, from the trash and from the Spam folder.
  • Archived.
  • Of all those class tabs that are displayed in the web UI.
  • The silenced.
  • Those opened by the user.
  • The read verifications were sent to the sender.
  • Those scheduled to ship in the future.
  • The postponed ones.
  • Automatic reply matters.
  • Template replies kept by the user.
  • The consumer-defined titles and IMAP secret codes.
  • User settings.
  • Email signatures.
  • The delegate sender’s addresses.
  • Other account addresses.
  • Forwarding addresses.
  • The filters.
  • The blocked addresses.
  • The completion time of a postponed message.
  • Export the Gmail address book data or Google.

gmail cell phone

If you have an Android system device and you also reside in Spain, you should know how to obtain an Account in Google Pay and learn to use it easily. Since it is a great wallet quite used for its ease at the time of paying and that you do not need to give an extra income to open an account.

It is common that you want to change your Google account for various reasons, although you have to take into account several aspects in consideration so that you can do it correctly, among them are the contacts, since with the Gmail service you can easily save the contacts from your mobile device. Here we will teach you how to do it in a simple way:

Export them from the first account first

On Android devices, the easiest way to pass your contacts is with the Contacts section available on Google. You will find this item in the Play Store. Once the app is downloaded, you can enter it and start using it.

  1. Enter the Configuration section, which you will have access to through the three lines found at the top and on the left. Once there, click on Settings
  2. Locate the Manage contacts section, and click on the Export button.
  3. Then the phone accounts will be displayed on the screen, choose the one from which you want to transfer the contacts and click on Export the.vcf file.

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Then import them into the second

  1. To make it You must go to the main section of the Contacts app and click on the three configuration lines.
  2. Then you choose the destination account, pressing on it. In case you do not notice it, you will have to log in by clicking on the Add another account section.
  3. Then you slide back to the configuration alternatives, locate Manage contacts and click on Import, after clicking on the .vcf file, click on OK.
  4. Finally you choose the account in which you want to keep your contacts. After this you must locate the .vcf document in your file system to attach to the new Gmail account.

If a situation arises in which you have the obligation to send a message, through the WhatsApp app, but you are not available for it, we suggest the option of scheduling messages using WhatsApp Web, since this element will be quite practical, especially on those occasions when you like to congratulate a person.

Below we offer you several alternatives to export and import from the Gmail electronic service so that you can pass on your contacts:

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  1. First, you must turn on the Android device that you are going to stop using.
  2. Then, click on the ‘Contacts’ icon to access the list that contains your contacts.
  3. Following, click on the icon to access the menu of alternatives.
  4. And click on the alternative ‘Import / export’, then click on the figure ‘Export to SIM card’.
  5. A list with your contacts will be displayed with a confirmation window right next to each one. You are going to choose it individually, or you can also do it by selecting the ‘Export all’ alternative.
  6. Once this is done, a confirmation screen will be displayed. In this way you already have the previously chosen contacts on the SIM card.
  7. Finally, you can now insert the SIM card in your new mobile device.

VCF files

  1. On your mobile device, be it an Android technology phone or tablet, enter the Contacts application.
  2. At the top left, click on Menu. Configuration and Import.
  3. Then click on File.vcf.
  4. You locate it and then choose the .vcf file you want to import.

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If you know someone who has a problem such as shivering or paralyzed and wants to use a cell phone, their best assistant will be Google’s voice assistant. With it you can learn to use Voice Access on your Android cell phone through the voice controller. This is an incredible app to be able to manage your cell phone using your voice.