How to take a screenshot on Asus ROG?

You want take a screenshot on your Asus ROG, and you don’t know how to do? Indeed, this method is particularly practical when you want to save and share your work or tasks performed on your screen. However, there are several solutions to achieve this. You can therefore select the most appropriate method for your expectations. In this way, to provide you with the best advice in this tutorial, we will detail several more or less sophisticated procedures. In particular by exposing yourself Screen Capture tool on Windows 10. But also the keyboard shortcuts. Or many applications specialized in screenshots on your Asus ROG.


Use Windows tools to take a screenshot on an Asus ROG:

Under W10, you have available three solutions to achieve a screenshot on your Asus ROG. You will have the Screen Capture tool. With the latter you can use the Capture and Sketch tool. And finally, you can use the keyboard shortcut with the app Paint present by default on W10.

Go through the Screenshot tool on W10 with your Asus ROG:

Access the Screenshot tool on your Asus ROG:

If you want to use the screenshot tool, s you still have several possibilities. You can simply access the tool using the W10 search bar, and entering the name of the application. Otherwise you can use the Windows keyboard shortcut + Shift + S to go faster.

Take a screenshot with the Screenshot tool on your Asus ROG:

Once the application is open, you will see a small menu appear on the top of your Asus ROG screen. So you can select the shape of the screenshot that you want to have. You can also choose to capture the active window or the entire screen.

If you choose to select an item on your screen, you will need to select it. draw with the mouse while keeping it pressed on the left click (or right if you are left-handed). Then, to start the capture, release the button of the mouse.

Retrieve the screenshot taken using the Screenshot tool on your Asus ROG:

When you have completed the screenshot. The latter will be stored temporarily inside the clipboard from your PC. Therefore, for find it and save it permanently. You can either use shortcut keys Ctrl + V to paste it on an application that accepts this command such as Word, or PowerPoint. Otherwise it is also possible to use the Contextual menu. This is available by making a right click on the mouse. You will need to select the “Copy” function.

The Capture and Sketch tool to customize the captures on your Asus ROG:

When you want highlight an element on the screenshot. We recommend that you use the Capture and Sketch tool on W10. You should be able to access it easily using the Windows search bar. When it is open, you can click on ” New ” so as to get the same menu than the Screen Capture tool.

The advantage of this solution is that when you have made the capture, it will appear in the Snipping and Sketching tool. This way you will be able to drawing lines or to write within the capture itself for underline a piece of information.

Keyboard shortcuts to take a screenshot on your Asus ROG with Windows 10:

If you want take screenshots easily. Do not hesitate to use the keyboard shortcuts. These will give you quick access to the command and especially without having to use the mouse. Indeed, depending on what you want to save, the use of the mouse could deselect content Or other.

You have two keyboard shortcuts on Windows 10 :

  • Windows + Imprecr : allows you to capture whole screen very quickly.
  • Alt + Imperc : will help you to enter the active window on the screen.

Then for find the screenshot in the clipboard, you can paste on Paint (you can access it using the Windows 10 search bar). Or by clicking on the button dedicated to this action ” To stick on ” or by using the shortcut Ctrl + V. Think of save it in order to keep it permanently.

Screen capture software for Asus ROG:

When you regularly need to take screenshots, in the course of your work in particular. It is also possible to choose for an external app. These will allow you to have access to more parameters to make your captures. You can even realize video captures in order to record proceedings carried out on your Asus ROG.

In this article, we will introduce you to Screenpresso. This application has a free version. And she really is easy to use.

Screenpresso to quickly take Screenshots on your Asus ROG:

Download Screenpresso on an Asus ROG:

To be able to use the application Screenpresso. We strongly advise you to go to their official website to get the correct version. When the program is downloaded, you will just need click on the exe file for throwing installation. You will then need to click on the button “INSTALL on this computer” after selecting “I accept the license”.

Launch Screenpresso on an Asus ROG:

Once the app is integrated, you can quickly access it using the search bar W10. You will also find the Screenpresso icon on the Windows taskbar in the hidden applications section.

By the way, with this app you will get an icon shortened. The latter is present by default, on the top of the screen of your Asus ROG. You will only need move the cursor over the shortcut represented by two lines, so as to access the Quick menu from Screenpresso. Otherwise, you can go to the application settings to define a keyboard shortcut. That way, when you use it, you will be able to to take a screenshot using this application.

Advantages of Screenpresso on an Asus ROG:

One of the advantages is that as soon as you use this application. The capture is automatically saved within a Screenpresso folder in the section Pictures (File Explorer) on your Asus ROG. Thus, it will not be necessary to use Paint to save them.

You will be able to modify and customize your screenshots very quickly from the tool. And you can also do video captures using this app.

We have introduced you to Screenpresso, but there are also other applications like: GreenShot.

To conclude: The use of screenshot is proving to be more and more necessary. So you now have several methods in order to achieve this on your Asus ROG. And you will be able to select the one who is the most appropriate for your use. If you also want to know the method to take a photo with your Asus ROG. You can read the following article: How to take a photo with your Asus ROG?

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