How to take a picture with your Acer Aspire?

You would like take a picture with your Acer Aspire, however you have no idea how to do? Indeed, the Pc are increasingly endowed with camera also called webcam. This allows you to do a video call or to bring a photo to your resume or other profile. So this accessory has become very practical. This is why, in this tutorial, we will first inform you so that you can use it easily. Then on a second part, in case you would like to have a more complete use. In particular to perform video conferences on your Acer Aspire. We will show you Windows compatible applications like Skype. As well as other external applications such as Zoom. Or applications that make it possible to carry out photos customized by filters

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Know the method to take a photo on an Acer Aspire:

Open the Camera app on Windows 10 and take a photo with your Acer Aspire:

If you want access the camera installed on your Acer Aspire, it is very simple. You can help yourself from the windows search bar present to the right of the Start menu. Then type the word “Camera”.

Otherwise click on the start menu to open it. And you will see in the registry ” VS “, tool “Camera”. You just have to select it to open it.

The webcam of your Acer Aspire is triggered automatically with the app. It will then be necessary to push on the button camera for capture the photo.

Recover the captured photo on your Acer Aspire:

When the Photo is taken with the Camera app and your Acer Aspire. This will be automatically registered on a dedicated folder.

To access it, you will need to enter File Explorer by pressing the file icon on the Windows toolbar. Then on this window, you will have access to a tree structure on the left. On it, you will see the tab “Images”. By pressing it you will see a subfolder called “Film”. Click on it. Finally you will see the photo taken during the previous phase.

Move a photo taken with your Acer Aspire:

For save it to another file it is also easy to do. We advise you in a first of the rename. This will allow you to be able to search easily. To do this, make a right click on the image. And press the function “Rename”. Then type a new name that will be easy to find quickly.

When that will be put. You can either go through shortcut keys Ctrl + C for duplicate the image. And Ctrl + V for the to stick on inside the directory of your choice. Otherwise it is also possible to carry out a right click and ” To copy “. Go to the folder of your choice (For example the Documents folder). Then make a second right click on an unoccupied space and choose ” To stick on “.

Compress a photo captured on an Acer Aspire with Windows 10:

To can upload or transmit this photo. Sometimes it is necessary to compress for reduce volume of the file. It will be necessary to make a right click on the photo taken with your Acer Aspire. Then click on ” Send to “. And in the submenu, press “Compressed folder”. This will give you the opportunity to generate a new folder recognizable with a zip. It is less bulky which will allow you to send it faster.

Turn off the webcam on your Acer Aspire:

Whenever you want switch off the webcam on your Acer Aspire, the solution will be quick. You just have to close the Camera app by pressing the cross in the right corner of the window. You can also make a right click on the Camera icon on the toolbar and click on ” Close the window “.

For take a picture of your screen. It will then be a screenshot also called screenshot. Windows 10 provides several tools and shortcut keys. This way you will have the opportunity to perform this procedure quickly and easily since your Acer Aspire. For more information on this subject and to discover the main techniques. We advise you to read the following tutorial: How to take a screenshot on Acer Aspire?

Applications for taking photos on an Acer Aspire:

To access features dedicated to selfies such as filters … Or make a video call with your relatives or collaborators using your Acer Aspire. It is possible to do this with your camera and specialized applications.

On Windows 10, you can use Skype. This application is designed by Microsoft. However, you can also go through external applications like Zoom. Otherwise you can also browse the Microsoft Store in order to find applications dedicated to selfies.

Use an application to make facetime with your Acer Aspire:

Using the app Skype, it is possible to spend free facetime without needing install it or you to register. You can perform the procedure simply on the Internet. You just have to create a meeting and to share the meeting with your colleagues or relatives. They will then have to access the link through a browser to join the call.

If you prefer, you can also go through Zoom which uses an operating mode identical to that of Skype.

Take a photo with your Acer Aspire using dedicated selfie applications:

When your expectations are particularly focused on taking photo. Know that you can access without paying Has selfie apps. These are offered at download within the Microsoft store. You will find for example Sweet selfie HD Camera which will allow you insert filters and pictures on your photo for the personalize.

In conclusion: Take a photo with your Acer Aspire is not complicated thanks to the app Camera available under Windows 10. To complete your use. You will be able download specialized applications through the Microsoft Store or on the Microsoft official site if you want Skype.

If you want other tutorials on your Acer Aspire, we invite you to consult the other articles in the category: Acer Aspire.

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