How to subscribe to a Nintendo Switch OLED account to be able to play?

There are many video games on different platforms where they make the people who play them want to continue playing, a video game can become addictive. Therefore when you use it, do it carefully, one of the safest platforms to play is the Nintendo Swinth OLED. Next, we will tell you how to subscribe to a Nintendo Switch OLED account and thus make use of some games easier, safer and more fun.

How much does a subscription to Nintendo Switch OLED cost?

To be able to make a subscription to Nintendo Switch OLED you will have to pay a fee, said Pay may be annual, 3 months or up to 1 monthIt will depend on how much you use it. If you want to try it first, you can also do it for free for days, there are several packages, it will depend if the subscription is individual or family, these are:

If it is a single account with individual subscription:

  1. In 12 months which must have 365 days doing like this a year you have to pay 19.99 Euros without having an expansion pack.
  2. Another package with the same amount of time as the previous one, that is, one year with the difference that you can have expansion, you will have to pay 39.99 euros.
  3. If you want only 3 months, which should have an approximate of 90 days you will have to pay 7.99 euros.
  4. For a month you only owe to pay 3.99 euros.

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Family subscription:

If you want a family subscription you can open several accounts, you have a maximum of 8. For this type of subscriptions you will have to pay 34.99 euros per year, you will only have the option to do it for 12 months, here they will not let you have it even in 3 months, just like than in 1 month. If you want an account with expansion you must pay 69.99 euros.

What are the steps to subscribe to Nintendo Switch OLED easily?

To subscribe to Nintendo Swinth OLED you just have to follow the following steps, it depends on whether you have an account or not:

Create a new account

  1. Go into Nintendo Swirch OLED.
  2. Now fill in the data that will be required here. You can choose right here if you want to subscribe.
  3. When entering all the data, press continue.
  4. Continuously creating an account.
  5. You will receive a code to confirm, you must enter it.
  6. Press continue again.
  7. Your account has already been successfully created.

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Link an old account

  1. Login to eShop from your previously used account.
  2. Here you will see a series of options, you must press on Nintendo Swithc Online.
  3. Pressing the previous option will take you to a new list, in this you must click on Change subscription.
  4. Then I will put two options, if you want the family or individual account, press the one that is most convenient for you, with either of the two options you can play, the payment plan will change.
  5. If you have chosen the individual, press how long you want the subscription.
  6. Now press go to the purchase screen.
  7. You can choose a free trial if you want to see what a subscribed account is like.
  8. If you want to subscribe at once, you must fill out the form required here. These will be the payment method and data that will be mandatory.

What games do require a prior subscription to play them?

In need of a game the previous subscription will be indicated in Nintendo eShop as well as on the official website of the game or Nintendo. Having the subscription will allow you to save the game in the cloud, this option will only be possible with an internet connection. Most of the games may need the subscription, for them before trying to play it check if it is compatible with your account.

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Is it possible to play Nintendo Switch OLED online without having to subscribe?

Although to play on Nintendo Switch OLED you must have a subscription, you will have the possibility to play Fortnite on this Nintendo without said subscription.

The subscription will be mandatory to be able to use the multiplayer service and other more advanced options that will make Nintendo more entertaining, however, without a subscription you will be allowed to capture the screen, enter social networks, as well as make use of parental control, You will be allowed to enter Nintendo eShop but, to manage friends if the subscription is necessary, the option to subscribe will only make your games of more fun and educational game.

Subscriptions can be done by both family and individual, you can play in any of these two accounts in the same way, what will differentiate it is that in the family you can have up to 8 accounts and the subscription will be mandatory for one year, instead, in the individual you will have a single account and you can get to subscribe 1 month, three months as well as the possibility of 1 year.