How to stream Twitch from Nintendo Switch OLED? – Streaming from your console

Whoever has a Nintendo Switch OLED can enjoy one of the most important video game streaming tools today, such as Twitch, in simple terms, it is a streaming video platform, in which eSports transmissions are published, games played by other users in the community, among many other things related to the world of videogames. Following a series of detailed steps below, you can enjoy Twitch from your console through: a browser, like Google or downloading it from the official Nintendo store.

Is it possible to stream from the Nintendo Switch OLED and what does it take to do it?

It is possible to transmit gameplays of any video game from your Nintendo Switch OLED on a variety of platforms dedicated to it, you will need tools to configure and prepare everythingFor example, the console itself, a dock, a monitor or television, a computer with an internet connection, a video recorder, as well as HDMI and USB cables.

How to use and configure Twitch on the Nintendo Switch OLED?

We indicate a series of steps to stream from your Nintendo Switch OLED:

  • Put the Nintendo Switch OLED on the dock, connect the HDMI cable to the video capture device.
  • Plug the other HDMI cable into the capture port’s output port and attach it to your monitor or television.
  • Plug the video recorder to the computer via USB cable.
  • Open the OBS (if you do not see the image of the game to be transmitted, adjust the screen resolution to 1080p and frames per second at 60 fps) and connect to the preferred platform through the settings menu.
  • Configure the scene by adding the capturer and any extras you want.
  • Press start transmission to go live.

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In case of stream on Twitch, perform the first four steps and from here, do the following:

  • Go to the main page of the platform, log in or create an account and click on your name in the upper right corner to display the options menu.
  • Select Settings and choose Channel and Videos.
  • Click on Transmission, copy the key of the main transmission and paste it in OBS.
  • Find File and Settings, where it appears Broadcast select where it says Twitch.
  • Paste the main transmission key and press OK.
  • Finally, select Start Streaming and going to you should see a preview image of the main screen.

Learn about handling parental controls

Parental control is done from the official app from Nintendo and to make the pairing it is necessary to have both devices (console and smartphone). To activate parental controls you must follow the following procedure:

Download the Nintendo Switch Parental Control application from the Play Store or App Store. Downloaded and within it, select Continue, another screen will appear and click on Start Session or Create Account. It is important to enter the same email and password for the Nintendo account used on the Nintendo Switch.

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Once this is done, choose the user to link, click on Choose This Person to continue. In the application, a message will be displayed to continue with the pairing and when you select Continue, a 6-digit code will be displayed to be entered in the console. When turning on the system, go to Console Configuration, then click on the Parental Control option, choose Parental Control Settings and only accept If You Have Already Downloaded the Application, so a panel will be displayed where the code must be entered, when doing so, click on OK to confirm and then click Yes. The rest of the process is done from the mobile app.

In the app a message will be displayed to start the configuration, when accepting, the first thing will be to configure the duration of sessions, later, the level of restriction is configured, which varies at different levels and can even be customized. Once selected, press OK, thus it will have culminated With the setup process, finally hit the Start button.

How do you search for games on the Nintendo Switch OLED?

The games for Nintendo Switch come in both physical and digital, physical games are available in specialized stores in video games.

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Games in digital format are purchased and downloaded through the virtual store within the same console Nintendo eShopTo enter, press the icon in the form of a shopping bag in the main menu, once inside, the catalog will open where you can search for recent games, offers, others.

How is chat handled on this platform?

The novelty offered by this console is to be able to use live voice chat, and it works through a mobile application and those who want to chat must have. The application Nintendo Switch Online It is available for Android and iOS, once downloaded and configured, the next thing will be to open a compatible program or game using the same account in the app and the console. In game go to voice chat compatible mode.

Then, a notification will automatically arrive to the app, this shows which application requests the use of voice chat and to access the room press OK, the first time give the app permissions to access the mobile microphone.