How to stop Amazon Echo from sending purchase notifications? – Privacy

By creating your Amazon account you will be entitled to many functions of the application, you will be able to opt for all the things in this app and there is no better way to do it than using a virtual assistant helped by a speaker, the best to perform this action is the device Amazon echo, you can use it to perform tasks, one of these is to change the notification settings, then we will tell you how to stop amazon echo from sending purchase notifications

How do Alexa notifications work?

Alexa is a virtual assistant in your language that you can place it on your Android whenever you want, it can help you do a lot of work to make your life easier, one of these will be to be aware of your notifications to be able to notify you immediately and that nothing on your device is overlooked.

notification light

Alexa notifications may be used under your use since they will be customized to your taste and convenience. When you notify something, your device ring will turn on a light of different colors, this will depend on the notification, if you want to know what notification you have on your device according to the color that your ring turns on, then we will tell you what it means:

  • If the light that appears it’s white: This light will notify you that the sound is in the process of being adjusted.
  • If the light that appears is blue: The device may be listening for a command because it thinks it heard something, it will be in alert position by the time you say the search command.
  • If the light that appears It’s red: This light will mean that the microphone has been muted, that is, notifications can no longer be heard Just like Alexa, she will no longer be able to exercise the commands that you tell her, so it will not work.
  • If the light that appears is orange: This light will notify you that your device has just connected to a Wi-Fi network automatically, if there is a problem with the configuration, a purple light will appear.
  • If the light that appears It is green: By having the light of your ring of this color you will be notified that you have an incoming call, the light does not stop being until you grab the device.
  • If the light that appears is yellow: If the light of your ring is this color, it means that you have a new message in your inbox.
  • If the light that appears is purple: Do not disturb mode has been activated on your Alexa device.

The rings will turn on their light as many times as you configure except for the green light, it will turn off when you hang up the call or answer, if you do not attend to the notification it will not turn off.

What are the steps to turn off purchase notifications on Amazon Echo?

The Alexa virtual assistant will notify all possible notifications with the help of your Amazon Echo, Some occasions of these notifications may not be to your liking and important, such as shopping, to deactivate these notifications you just have to follow the following steps:

settings to disable notifications

  1. Go into the settings of the device that Alexa is connected to.
  2. Being in these settings go to the visual assistant option.
  3. Sign in to the Alexa app.
  4. Now you must go to the menu that is in the lower right part of your screen.
  5. in this menu You will see that there is the settings option or settings, tap on it.
  6. When you are in settings, go to the notifications option, it is among the list.
  7. Here you will find all the apps that you want to configure notifications, you must enter Amazon Purchases.
  8. Now select to disable the notifications you want, you will have many options.

By giving it to accept truthfully that notifications of the options that you deactivated will no longer appear, to generate the action well and that there are no problems, you can try pressing the restart button so that the Amazon echo device so that the applications are updated, yes they keep you going out notifications you can also try restarting the device.

How to disable specific status notifications for purchases on Amazon Echo?

In the purchase notifications there are several statuses, these must be deactivated one by one if you no longer want these notifications to continue to appear to do so, you just have to follow the following procedure:

person changing sound amazon echo

What does the content of your purchases say?

  1. Turn on the device that is connected to the echo device.
  2. Now you must go to the Alexa app, you can locate it in the settings or in the main menu of your applications.
  3. When you find the app, press on it to enter.
  4. If you are on the main screen of the app and there is an option at the top that says more, click on it.
  5. In it you must click on settings, it has a gear symbol.
  6. Now go to settings, it is under your settings.
  7. Now click on the option that says Shopping Amazon.
  8. Then you must deactivate the option to Include the names of the products.
  9. Ready, when deactivating it will not say the content of your purchases.

Return notifications

  1. Enter the menu of your applications.
  2. Go to the search engine that you have at the top.
  3. Enter the Alexa app name, tap search.
  4. Now on it to enter the app.
  5. When you are in the app you must click on More.
  6. Now enter the settings option.
  7. Now go to notifications.
  8. Later Go to Amazon Purchases.
  9. Disable the Returns option.

order updates

  1. Sign in to the Alexa app.
  2. Go to the More option.
  3. Enter settings that you will find in these options.
  4. now you must Click on the Notifications option.
  5. Go to Amazon Purchases.
  6. Tap to disable Order Updates.

Recommendations and offers

  1. Go to the more option that is on the home screen when you sign in to your Alexa app.
  2. Now head over to settings.
  3. Sign in to notifications.
  4. Click on Amazon Purchases.
  5. Disable the Amazon Community Notifications option and hit save.