How to spend less data within Instagram? – The best tricks

The use of mobile data when you interact constantly in applications such as Instagram can increase dramatically, since the files of this social network are usually quite heavy due to the high resolution that characterizes them, if it is not possible to use a Wi-Fi network, you should know the different tricks offered by the App to spend less data when reproducing its content.

What happens when you activate data saving in the Instagram application?

Instagram is one of the social networks that consume the most data on your device, For this reason, for the convenience of its users, it has added to the configuration the possibility of activating data saving so that your phone plan reaches you throughout the month, so if you activate data saving, the following may happen:

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  • The automatic reproduction of multimedia files in high resolution will be deactivated, as it will need your authorization to reproduce.
  • As for the Instagram videos, it will stop loading and playing while you move through the main page of the social network, that is, you will have to click on them to start playing.

How much data does Instagram consume when using it normally?

Without a doubt the files you enjoy in Instagram are quite heavyThat is why if you are not connected to a WiFi network and you dedicate yourself to entertaining yourself by watching photos or videos on Instagram, you will use a lot of mobile data, because on average you will spend approximately 200 MB for every thousand photographs and 3 MB for each short video that you upload from the stories of your friends on the social network.

In addition, taking into account that Instagram offers different ways of interacting such as doing live broadcasts that can make you use an approximate of 100 MB for every 10 minutes of videoFor that reason, you should try to consume less data on your cell phone that you use on Instagram, either by configuring the application or by limiting the use of data on your phone.

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How to save mobile data from an iPhone?

If you are using an iPhone it is convenient that you activate the option to save mobile data, as these devices have the advantage of choose data saving depending on the type of plan and data signal that you are using separately in relation to Wi-Fi as you will see below:

  • In the event that you are using dual SIM on your iPhone you will have to open the phone settings and select the mobile data option, then press on one of your two phone numbers and activate data saving.
  • If the configuration of your iOS device shows a 4G mobile data LTE signal, you must go to the configuration and select the cellular data option to press the options box and activate the data saving mode.
  • Now, if your device is working under the 5G mobile data mode, then you must go to the mobile settings and press the cellular data option to choose the options section and click on the data mode box and finish activating saving data.
  • iPhone also allows you to perform this type of configuration when you are connected to a Wifi network, because when you go to the configuration and click on the Wifi option you will have to press the information option and activate save data.

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When you activate data saving on your mobile device automatically, the playback of high-resolution multimedia files is restricted, because when you open them three options will appear that we will mention later, downloading in a lower resolution to consume less data. In addition, Instagram through a few simple steps allows you to lower the resolution like this:

  1. Make sure you have the most recent version of the Instagram application so that you can enter your profile.
  2. Open the menu of the three lines that you will see above and to the right of the application and select the configuration option.
  3. Now you have to choose the account section to select the option for mobile data use.
  4. Finally, you must click on the High-resolution multimedia files line to see the three options, that is, never show, show only when you are connected to Wi-Fi or when you connect from mobile data and Wi-Fi.

While it is true that Instagram offers the option of using less data through the application settings, there is also another trick to save mobile data by opening the social network from your browser, because through this no automatic reproductions will take placeEven when observing the order of your friends’ stories, you will have to open them one by one, since the browser does not play them continuously, saving data in a different way.

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How to disable autoplay within Instagram to consume less data?

Saving mobile data from your cell phone can help you control money expenses in relation to the data plan you have, but a useful strategy To reduce data consumption on your cell phone is to disable automatic playback within Instagram as follows:

  1. Enter your social network in the Instagram application and go to the main page of your profile.
  2. Open the familiar menu of the three lines of the App and press the configuration option.
  3. Now select the box of your account and click on the mobile data usage line to activate the function of use less data and so autoplay within Instagram will be immediately suspended to save mobile data.