How to sign up and try the Chromecast Preview Program easily? – What do you need

Chromecast Preview Program It is an excellent alternative that allows access to various features and updates before they are available to the public. In this sense, if you wonder how to sign up and try the Chromecast Preview Program easily? here we will show you in detail everything you need to achieve it.

What function does the preview program have?

The function of the preview program is to offer the latest firmware version so that users can download the Chromecast update with new features and improvements before it is released to the public. The Google team monitors the performance of the preview version to find bugs and fix them in time.

What are the devices available to access the program?

There is a list of available devices to access the program. This list includes Chromecast in its three generations, Google Nest, Chromecast Audio, Chromecast Ultra, as well as some screens and speakers compatible with the Google Home App.

How to join the Chromecast Preview Program on your device?

To do this, you’ll need to access the Google Home App. Then, select your device and click on the ‘Settings’ option. There, choose ‘Device Information’ and tap on ‘Advance Schedule’. Then move the switch to allow the App to send you notifications to your email whenever a preview version becomes available. Likewise, you can disable notifications as you wish. Sign in with your Google account and click ‘Join Program’. Finally, press the ‘Ok, got it’ option.

sign up for the chromecast preview program

Join the program on Android

Can join the Chromecast Preview program from Android. To do so, download the Google Home App from the Play Store. Once you install the app, head to the options menu and tap ‘Device Settings’. Select the ‘Advance Program’ option and ‘Join Program’.

How to verify that you are registered in the Chromecast Preview Program?

It is possible to verify that you are registered in the Chromecast Preview Program. To do this procedure, open the Google Home App again and select your device. Then tap ‘Settings’ and go to ‘Device information’ to choose ‘advance schedule’. Finally, see if the word ‘Activated’ is displayed.

What to do to send comments about the program?

Google allows you to submit feedback about the program when you have problems with your device. First, open the Google Home App and select your device. Then, tap on the gear icon or ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Awareness and data sharing’. Activate the option ‘Send reports on failures and use of the device’.

schedule the chromecast preview program

For send your comments, sign in to Google Home and tap on your account icon. Then, select the ‘Comments’ option and choose the device on which you are going to write your comment. In the ‘From:’ section, enter your email and write your comment. Finally, press the ‘Submit’ button.

What is the way to opt out of the Chromecast Preview Program?

There is a very easy way to opt out of the Chromecast Preview Program. You just have to access GG Home and choose your device. Then click on ‘Settings’ and ‘Device Information‘. Then select the ‘Preview Program’ option and click on ‘Leave Program’.

Check if the change was applied

Make sure the change has been applied from the ‘Preview Program’ option. There, you will see the status ‘Disabled’. If this status still does not appear, do not worry as it is generally necessary wait until there is a new firmware available for your device and this usually takes between one and two weeks.

Factory reset

Another alternative for leave Chromecast Preview Program It consists of resetting your device to bring it to the factory state. To achieve this, go to Google Home, choose your device and click on ‘Settings’. Press the three dots shown at the top right and choose the ‘factory reset’ option.

You can too restore factory settings of your Chromecast by pressing and holding the button on the device connected to your TV. Check if the LED light turns red and flashes. Release the button when the white light shows and wait while your device reboots. Next, configure your Chromecast according to your preferences.