How to sign out of Gmail on Android?

Gmail is one of the best free email services available today. It is marketed by Internet giant Google. This messaging is used by hundreds of millions of people every day around the world. Creating a Gmail address allows you to send and receive emails, but also gives access to many other Google services. With Gmail, the user can easily save their routes and favorite addresses using Google Maps, upload and comment on YouTube videos, as well as the possibility of saving files to Google Drive.

However, forgetting to log out on a stranger’s Android laptop or computer can pose serious privacy risks. Fortunately, it is possible to disconnect from an Android laptop to which you have connected previously. Want to know how to sign out of Gmail on Android? We give you the details in this article.

Using Gmail on Android Licensed Phones

The use of an Android smartphone requires that the holder connects to a Google account. Indeed, after the purchase of the mobile device, the user must be able to make some configurations and this requires the provision of a Gmail account which will be associated with the smartphone. If the user does not have a Gmail address, he will necessarily have to create one before he can fully enjoy the phone.

It should therefore be noted that it is not possible to disconnect from your Gmail account on your phone and continue using it as it should. By doing so, the user will not be able to take full advantage of Gmail apps and services like Drive, Maps, YouTube and many others. However, for cases where you want to lend your smartphone to a loved one, it is possible to remove your Gmail account from the mobile phone in order to connect another Gmail account.

How to sign out of Gmail on Android?

If you want to disconnect your Gmail account from your smartphone, you will need to follow certain steps that we present to you here.

  • On your phone, search for the following from Google as in the video.
  • On the window that will open, select Gmail.
  • Select your profile picture icon which is located at the top top right corner of your screen.
  • On the window that will open, you must select “Manage accounts on this device“.
  • Once you have selected “Manage accounts on this device”, on the next window you need to scroll down and press “Accounts“.
  • You will see the different accounts available on your phone. You have to tap on the Google icon.
  • Different Gmail accounts available on the smartphone will be displayed to you. You just need to select the account you want to disconnect from the phone and press “To deleteAt the bottom of the screen.

And that’s all. Your Gmail account is disconnected from this mobile device.

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