How to sign in or enter the Play Store easily

All smartphones have applications because, otherwise, it becomes a simple phone with basic messaging and calling functions, therefore, it becomes indispensable. know login in Play Store to be able to download any application.

This virtual application store is compatible with the Android operating system and with other technological devices that have the ‘Smart‘. However, it not only allows us to download the apps we want, we can also find music, books, magazines and movies.

How to log in to my Google Play Store account on mobile?

If you already have a Google account logged in linked to your cell phone before entering the Play Store and according to the android requirements, then the login was done and all you have to do is open the application and that’s it.

person using play sores mobile

However, if you don’t have a linked Google account, don’t worry, just follow the steps below to log in to the Play Store on your mobile phone.

The first thing you should do is locate the Google Play Store app and open it, you can find it on your main screen or in the ‘applications’ section that appears in settings or settings.

One of the first things this application does when you open it is to look for the terminal data to see if there is a Google session started. If not, then it asks you to fill in your data; such as the email or your cell phone number that you have in your Google account.

In this step it is recommended that enter your email, once done you just have to select ‘next’; then you must fill in other information requested in order to log in.

Once this is done, you will be asked to enter your password; so you have to make sure it is safe using both upper and lower case and just click ‘next’ to continue.

Google Play Store will present you the terms of service and privacy policies, which you can read by clicking on them and the text will appear on your screen; you must select the ‘Accept’ option in order to continue and finish the registration and be able to log in.

To finish, you must decide whether or not you want the extra services offered by Google, among its options appear ‘backup copies’; among others, you can choose these options according to your needs and tastes.

Take your time reading them and, when you’re done, just hit ‘next’ and voila! You already have an account with all its functions and 100% operational and easy to use.

How to enter my Play Store account from the computer?

The process to enter an account from a computer is very simple and there are only a few steps that we must follow to be able to achieve it.

The first thing we must do is go to the search engine and enter the official Google Play Store page; and once there look for the option ‘sign in’ and enter the data that you are asked for with the usual ones you are going to start your account.

The information they ask you for is your phone number or the email with which you linked your Google account.

mobile play store open

However, it is always better to enter our email, because if you lose your phone; then it can be difficult to recover your account without the number you had linked.

Once this is done, press ‘next’ and fill in the field that asks for the password, remember that it must contain uppercase and lowercase; when it’s ready you just have to select next one more time to continue.

Since you have completed all the steps correctly, your session has been started, so you can give free rein to your curiosity and needs in terms of applications and download the ones you like the most; automatically these will be installed on your Tablet or on the mobile that you have linked to your Google account.

Now, to avoid any mistake in wanting enter your play store account It is recommended to go to your cell phone and delete the Google account that you have signed in there and, later, open the Google account with which you signed in to the Play Store to allow them to be linked.