How to share games with friends on Nintendo Switch OLED? – Only between consoles

Previously, when video games were purchased physically, you could trade them or lend them to your friends without any problem. But when we entered the digital age, and physical formats became obsolete, all this changed and it became almost impossible to share your games with someone else. Although there are still certain methods that could help you.

Does the Nintendo Switch OLED have games to share with someone else?

There is no official or Nintendo-provided method to share your games with someone else. Unless it is games acquired physically, with that there will be no inconvenience, since the game cartridges are not linked to an account or console.

Although yes your games can be shared on your Nintendo Switch Oled through your user account. Keep in mind that giving your account to someone else is a sensitive issue, it is not illegal, but you must be careful who you grant access to.

If you think share your account with someone more, it is an almost mandatory requirement to activate the verification in two steps, in case they want to make changes in your user or make purchases from the Nintendo store.

What aspects should you consider before sharing a game with a friend?

Since, to share your games, you must allow the access of your account to another person, it is ideal take preventive measures. Do not use the same password for your Nintendo account in your email, they could already access it.

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It is also important to know how to activate airplane mode on your Switch, to prevent your console from connecting to the internet, in case both people open the same game at the same time. Nintendo doesn’t allow an account to have the same active game on two different consoles, but you can get around that by disabling the internet connection.

Not being connected to the internet, the console cannot verify what is being played on the account. This serves in the same way so that your saved games are not overwritten via cloud sync.

What are the steps to share Nintendo games with other users?

For the process you need to first create a Nintendo account, either for yourself or for someone else. From there you will have to follow the next steps:

  • From the main menu of your Nintendo Switch, enter the eShop application.
  • Select the ‘+’ icon to add another account.
  • Choose ‘Import a user from another Nintendo Switch console’.
  • The wizard will ask you if you still have the console from which you want to import the user; select yes.
  • Then it will ask you if you are going to continue using both consoles at the same time; you will select yes again.
  • Now you are going to click on ‘Link a Nintendo account’.
  • Here you go to enter new account details that you are going to add to the console.

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  • To confirm, you must put a security code that will be sent to the email of the account you are associating.
  • Once that is done, the new profile will be added to your console.
  • Lastly remember do not activate automatic download save data.

Previous console

The previous console, that is, the console that is sharing the games, has no need for subsequent actions. You just need to be aware of don’t play the same game at the same time than the other console, or activate airplane mode when playing.

The latest console

The console to which the games are being shared; the one that has just been associated with a new account, you still need to complete a few extra steps:

  • In the main menu, click on the eShop
  • Select the newly added user
  • Press the profile icon at the top
  • You will see information about the profile. On the left, enter ‘Download again’
  • Here you will see the games that have been downloaded previously in the account. Click on the cloud icon to download them to the console.
  • Now the game will appear in the home menu.

Is it possible to transfer a Nintendo Switch OLED account with games without any problem?

If it’s posible. You will never have a problem transferring a Nintendo Account and owning it on several consoles at the same time. The important thing is to always activate the airplane mode in all of them to be able to play without problems due to having a game open simultaneously.