How to share a YouTube playlist? – Android, iPhone or PC

Playlists are a way to save all our favorite videos, music and tutorials in one place, the YouTube platform. allows us to perform this action and for free But what if we don’t know how to create a YouTube playlist and add videos to it? In this guide we will show you how to do it in an easy and simple way.

How can you create a YouTube playlist?

To create a playlist, it is necessary that we create an account on the YouTube platform, this process can be done through our iPhone, Android devices or computers, since we will only do use of the official page or YouTube application.

On an iPhone or Android cell phone

If we want to carry out this process through our cell phone with Android or iOS operating system, it is recommended that we update our device, this to not present inconveniences when using the application. Taking that into account, we only have to follow a series of steps that are shown below:

create playlists on different devices

  • In the YouTube app and with our session started, we go to the library section, this is in the lower right part of the application interface.
  • In this section, we are shown our history and others, we have to go to the playlists section, we enter where it says “New playlist”.
  • There we are allowed to add videos exclusively from our history, we select the ones we want to add and press the button that says next.
  • We will be asked to name our playlist, in addition to being allowed to put it in public or private, if we put it in public, anyone who enters our YouTube channel you can see and play it, whereas when putting it to the private one happens the opposite.

Finally, we press the create button, it should be noted that, if we want to add a video that is not in our history, we will have to search for it on the platform and use the tool to add videos to the created playlist.

With your Windows PC or Mac

On the other hand, if we want to carry out this process using a Windows or Mac computer, we will use the browser version of YouTube, in addition to following the following steps:

  • Log in with your data in the browser version of YouTube, once in its interface, we go to the video that we want to add to the playlist.
  • Once we are in the video, we look for the save button, which is at the bottom of the video, just above the subscribe button.
  • When we click on the save button, a small window opens, we have to choose the option that says “New Playlist”.
  • There we will be asked to give the list a name, in addition to giving us the option to make it public or private, finally we press the create button.

create playlist pc

Something worth mentioning is that, if you already had a playlist created before, it will appear in the save section, so you will be free to choose which list you are going to add the video to.

What is the correct way to get a YouTube playlist link?

If we want to obtain a link, which when accessing it take us to the playlist we want, It is only a matter of entering this list, either from the official YouTube application for Android and iOS devices, or from the version of browsers available for computers.

In addition to obtaining the links to our lists on the platform, we are also allowed the option of creating shortcuts to YouTube playlists, which comes in handy to organize all our videos.

From the official App with an Android

  • From the library section in the YouTube app, we enter the playlist from which we want to obtain a link.
  • At the top of the list, we will press the share button, which has an icon of an arrow pointing to the right.
  • We are shown several options, we choose the one that says “Copy link”By providing this link, each person who enters it will be able to see the playlist.

Using an iPhone or Android

The process to get the link to our playlist and share it is the same as above, as we will only occupy the YouTube app and the playlists tool, so regardless of whether we use the Android or iOS operating system, the process will be the same.

On PC from YouTube

It is only a matter of entering the playlist we want, this from our library, once we are in it it is only a matter of copying the link that is at the top of the browser, right in the search bar.

How can you add videos to an already created playlist?

For this process, it is only necessary that Let’s find the video or videos that we want to add, once this is done we look for the save button that is above the subscribe button, when we click on it, all our playlists are shown, it is only a matter of selecting the one we want to add said video to and click on done .

add new videos playlists

If you have problems when creating your own playlists or when adding videos to them, we recommend that you contact YouTube technical support, either by message or email, their staff will help you solve the problem. problem as soon as possible.