How to set Zoom privacy for better security? – Do it like this

Zoom has a large number of features and alternatives that allow various activities related to different workspaces to be carried out through the virtual world. However, one of the concerns that users have is the need to have a service reliable with this digital platform, so that the information transmitted here is confidential. This requires a few steps to configure privacy and get better security. Do it like this!

How to prevent them from entering your Zoom meetings without your consent?

Each service offered by this digital platform has configuration support to guarantee the greatest effectiveness in terms of performance and security. In this case, the tool that Zoom offers to hold a virtual meeting must provide users with a safe space for interaction, and take steps to prevent them from entering your meetings without your consent. For this there are configuration elements in the security of the account, we will see some of them:

To guarantee greater security, at the time of a meeting, the Zoom company continuously monitors social networks in order to prevent you from sharing links on public social networks that put the privacy of users at risk. It often happens that some users post on their social networks the link that takes them to a virtual meeting, which allows an uninvited person to get in touch as one more participant.

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In this situation, the Zoom group will send you a warning via email to the administrator of the virtual meeting, indicating the security controls you must follow to manage the functions that this platform offers you, and avoid being interrupted.

End-to-End Encryption in Zoom

Another element to consider to guarantee a higher level of security is that you can encrypt the data, that is communications made with other people will be kept private.

Now, there is a part of end-to-end encryption that is not entirely true, since in the event that a user commits an illegal act within this platform, both the Zoom server and personnel from State security agencies, they can intervene and decrypt the data that has been sent. Reason why we invite you to use this platform in the healthiest way possible and avoid legal problems in the future.

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Do not use your name or personal ID

It is important that you protect your Zoom account once you register with your username and password, the system will automatically generate an identifier that is known as a Personal ID (PMI), It is the name that you will have during the virtual meeting. Once you have your PMI, avoid making it public, as it may happen that a Zoom user who knows this information will easily join the meetings you call, even if they are not invited to them.

Now, if what you want is a digital communication alternative through Zoom that allows you to reach a larger number of people and prevent your virtual meeting from being interrupted, consider another of the options that this company offers you, such as organizing online events with Webinar.

How to protect your Zoom meetings with different passwords?

There are several aspects that you must take into account to protect access to your virtual meetings, one of them is create a password for each meeting, having as a recommendation, not to use the same one that you used at the beginning of the zoom session. Likewise, it is important when managing the passwords that you assign to a virtual meeting, that they be changed regularly, to prevent them from being hacked and that anyone can access private information.

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What should be done to activate the ‘Lounging Room’ feature in Zoom for more privacy?

Another of the functions that Zoom allows you when you are working with a virtual meeting, is to be able to activate the ‘waiting room’, since in this space you can verify that all meeting participants are previously authorized to do so, we offer you a few brief steps:

  1. To activate this function, select the option ‘Participant management’ on the main screen of the virtual meeting, there a new window will be displayed containing the list of participants, each of them will have the opportunity to be admitted or refused to the meeting ‘Admit or Remove ‘.
  2. Now, once you have entered the Waiting Room, you can verify that the list that is there is admitted in its entirety, in this case it is enough with select option ‘Admit All’.
  3. As the host of the meeting once it has started, you also have the permissions to send a participant to the Lobby if necessary.