How to set up PubFilm on Kodi? | Complete step-by-step tutorial

In stark contrast to other applications in charge of providing transmission such as Netflix in which we can download series and movies or Hulu, the truth is that Kodi does not supply any media in itself. This requires the use of libraries and add-ons necessary for its proper functioning, so today we bring this article designed to show us how to configure PubFilm on Kodi.

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What are the requirements to install PubFilm on my Kodi account?

As in all cases, to enjoy an application or the functions offered by a complement, it is best to have the newest and most updated version of it, in this way we could enjoy the news that it brings and it may also be have fixed some bugs. Therefore, the main requirement to install PubFilm In our Kodi account it is precisely to have the latest version of Kodi, we see where to find it.

Have the latest version of Kodi

Kodi is a multimedia material manager that we can download and install Kodi on different brands of Smart TV and before performing any procedure, we must be sure that we have the latest version of this software, if we do not have it, we must go to the official page of this and scroll down, until we can see the list of operating systems that we are using and then run the installer after it has been downloaded to the PC or mobile device.

What is the best method to Install PubFilm on Kodi correctly?

Once we have the latest Kodi update on the device, in addition to the different settings being properly configured we are closer to start PubFilm installation, since we still require some previous steps to guarantee the success in the installation of the program as well as its proper functioning. Let’s talk a little about the necessary add-ons.

Train third-party plugins

For the installation to occur in the correct way, we will have the future need to install third-party programs, so it is necessary to prepare the ground for the device on which we want to install, grant us the permissions to be able to install programs from external sources, which the system considers unreliable sources, to make Kodi allow us to install from external sources. The first thing is from the home screen, we click on the gear icon which is located in the upper left corner, in this way we will enter the system settings.

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Within the settings, we must click on the lower right corner specifically, we will observe a list On the left side of the screen, here we click on ‘Add-ons’, there we will see a button or sliding lever, so that we can install programs from unknown sources, this button It should be to the right indicating that if it allows the installation, finally we select ‘Yes’ in the confirmation window and that will be it.

Acquire ‘Mucky Duck Repo’

Now yes, with the pre-installation preparations ready, what we must now is acquire Mucky Duck Repo, this is a quite popular option among movies and sports fans. The necessary procedures to acquire and install it is as follows, first we must open Kodi on our device, we go to ‘Settings’ and then we must click on it ‘File Manager’, then we must press where it says ‘Add a Source’ which is just on the left side, in the URL section we must enter the web address of ‘muckys.mediaportal’ and where it says ‘None’ we must insert the name of the media source as ‘Mad Duck’ and then we just click ‘Ok’.

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At this point, we need to return to the Kodi home screen for this we press the ‘ESC’ key, then we must select ‘Add-ons’ and then click on the upper left corner just where it says ‘Installation Package’, there we must choose and install from a zip file, then we scroll to the bottom to click where it says ‘Pato Mucky’ and we select ‘Repository.mdrepo-1.0.2zip and we wait for the time it takes time to load the plugin. Next, we must click on ‘Install from Repository’, select ‘Mucky Ducks Repo’ and then ‘Video Add-on’ there we will see a list of Kodi add-ons on the screen.

On this screen we must click on any of the add-ons and then click on ‘Install on PC’ and we will see how the installation begins. Finally, once the installation is complete, we move to the main Kodi menu, click on ‘Add-ons’, then on ‘Video Add-ons’ and we select the complement Mucky Duck we just installed.

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What does the MuckyDuck plugin offer us to install PubFilm?

Mucky Duck offers a varied amount of add-ons that we can easily use on Kodi, in the procedure described in the previous paragraph in one of the steps we can see the list of these add-ons available that allow us fully enjoy from Kodi.

How can I find the main PubFilms content menu?

To find the main PubFilm menu, which we must do is enter and just in the upper right we can see the access we are seeking, just click there and that’s it.

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