How to set up automatic renewal on a Nintendo Switch? – Complete guide

The Switch video game console has been developed by the Nintendo company, it allows the creation of an account on its platform and even acquire a membership to make purchases through a credit card. Which also sounds quite interesting, the problem arises when it is necessary to make a renovation of it. In the paragraphs that follow, we will show you how we can configure automatic renewal in the console so that we can successfully complete our purchases.

Is it possible to configure the automatic renewal of a Nintendo?

Of course yes. As a general rule, when we use a credit card to configure automatic renewal, both the issuing bank and the service provider constantly send us updated information on the payments applicable to the card. What clearly means we can renew or update the number and the expiration date of our saved credit card in the event that we must replace it or because it has expired.

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What are the requirements to be able to deactivate the automatic renewal of your Nintendo?

Before carrying out the procedure to configure our Nintendo Switch console, especially if what we want to do is deactivate the automatic renewal, we must know some aspects of interest so as not to face unnecessary setbacks. First, these auto-renew settings are automatically adjust according to membership plan that we have recently acquired, that is, the newest.

Although they can be deactivated, we cannot buy or configure another period or type of membership different from the one purchased, only the owner of the Nintendo account In other words, the person who bought the plan can make the changes and automatic renewal adjustments so that the other members of the family cannot make changes. Another important point is that there are areas where automatic renewal is not available, such as Quebec or some other countries whose Nintendo eShop is quite limited.

What are the steps to remove automatic renewal from a Nintendo Switch?

Having very clear the necessary requirements for the configuration of the automatic renewal of a Nintendo Switch and remembering that this procedure can only be carried out two days before the contracted service expires, otherwise the membership payment will be deducted from us. To achieve this we must take into account the way in which we will do it, since we can do it from the Nintendo eShop of Nintendo Swuit from where we can also download and install Fornite or from the website through the profile settings.

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From Nintendo eShop

To carry out the procedure from the Nintendo eShop, what we must do is turn on the console and in the menu ‘Home’ of our console we must select ‘Ninteno eShop’, once we have it open, we select the Nintendo account for which we buy the subscription. Next, we select the icon of our user that we can see in the upper part on the right of the screen, in this way we can access the information corresponding to the information corresponding to this account.

Now, if what we want is to deactivate the automatic renewal, we must select the option ‘Nintendo Switch Online’ On the left side of the screen, then we must choose ‘Disable Automatic Renewal’ of the appropriate Nintendo Switch Online subscription or automatic membership. With these steps we deactivate it, but if we only want to change the payment method, we must click on the ‘Change’ option in the automatic renewal payment method section and finally we choose between credit card, available balance or PayPal.

Through the website

To deactivate by this method, the first thing we must do is enter the website and log in so that we can have access to the settings of our account, once inside, we click on ‘Store Menu’ then select ‘Nintendo Switch Online ‘and then click on ‘Deactivate Automatic Renewal’ of the subscription. In this way we can also make the change of the renewal payment system, we must bear in mind that once it is deactivated, we will not be able to activate it again.

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How can you cancel a Nintendo Switch Online membership?

To cancel the membership we must enter the Switch eShop through the main menu of our console, then we must locate the option ‘Nintendo Switch Online’ on the left side of the eShop, immediately We enter the ‘My Subscription Settings’ and finally we click where we read ‘Cancel Automatic Renewal’.

If we carry out the procedure correctly we will have canceled the automatic renewal of Nintendo Switch previously associated with our account, of course, if we belonged to a family plan, the rest of the users will not have access to the subscription functions either.