How to set up a Facebook post so everyone can share it?

I can't share Facebook

People who do not dominate or control Facebook believe that this is a place like the newspaper, where people come in and see everything. How many times has your mother asked you, Can’t you see so and so’s daughter on Facebook? «No mom, if I don’t have him as a friend I can’t see him.»

That does not work like that, luckily Facebook is a platform in which the Privacy It matters a lot (especially because of what certain organizations put pressure on the company) and that makes our information, if privacy is well configured, more hidden or at least more secure and controlled. However, privacy settings can also influence the ability to share posts.

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Posts that are not public on Facebook cannot be shared

This is so, all those who have configured the Facebook as private, where only Friends can see certain publications, we limit the visibility of our profiles to the maximum. This is not bad at all, I personally recommend having the profile as hidden as possible from strangers.

When a publication has not been configured as public, it cannot be shared by other users and it cannot be shared through WhatsApp. That is, to make it clear to you, when a publication is not public it cannot be shared by our friends in their profiles.

How to change the privacy of the publications?

Change Facebook post privacy

We do not have to change the default privacy of our publications, unless we have a public profile, we can change privacy for a specific post easy way.

To change the privacy of a publication and make it possible for our friends to share it, we just have to follow these steps:

  • We look for the publication.
  • Click on the top right corner of the publication where the 3 points are.
  • Click on the option Edit privacy.
  • We configure the option Public instead of friends.

Once this is activated for a publication, our friends will be able to to share the specific publication in an easy way by entering our profile since now the Share button will appear.

In the same way, if we enter a friend’s profile and they ask to share a publication but we cannot suggest this tutorial for you to learn how to unlock post so that others can share it. Imagine that a dog has been lost and our friend asks to share his publication but it cannot be done, in this way it can be done.