How to set a moving wallpaper on my iPhone? – Simple walkthrough

Apple mobiles are not very customizable, however, despite its limitations to modify its interface, has several unique and distinctive functionalities of this brand. One of these features is the moving wallpaper, which gives a more sophisticated touch to the mobile; It should be noted that this function also has its own limitations. In this article we will teach you how to correctly adjust these backgrounds.

What should you keep in mind before setting a dynamic wallpaper on your iPhone?

Dynamic wallpapers on an iPhone work under certain limitations: they can be natively use only those that are preset on the mobile, They are not videos that play in the main menu and they don’t have any length or anything like that. Although we can also put a video as a background on iPhone. However, to make this a bit more customizable, you’ll need to use third-party apps.

Limited configuration options on dynamic backgrounds

dynamic wallpapers ios

Dynamic backgrounds have the great limitation that only those that are factory installed on our iOS mobile can be used. There is no way to add new backgrounds of this type, at least officially. The ones that we can customize are those ‘Live’ backgrounds, which are a little more flexible and with several options to modify.

The great advantage of these funds is that they are perfectly optimized for iPhone screen dimensions, There is no risk of operating errors and it takes full advantage of the physical capabilities of the screen without the need to consume more battery or memory than the mobile is used to. You can also change iPhone background automatically.

What is the way to customize a dynamic wallpaper on your iPhone or iPad?

Unfortunately, dynamic backgrounds are not customizable, we only limit ourselves to using those that are installed natively on our iPhone. But don’t worry, the ones available are very striking and have an excellent design that fits perfectly with the base design of our iPhone mobile. Still, you can try the Live Photos option for a bit more tweaking.

Add preset dynamic backgrounds

In this section we can choose, in general, between the same design with different color variants. These backgrounds will interact through our touch actions as well as through the depth option, which uses the mobile’s gyroscope to activate certain animations in these dynamic backgrounds. The advantage of presets is their good performance on screen.

Create a dynamic background with Live Photos

iphone dynamic wallpapers

Live Photos, we allows you to create a more custom dynamic background style. In order to do it correctly, we must follow the following steps:

  1. We choose a photograph from our gallery or take a new one via the Camera app.
  2. Once we select the photo, click on the ‘Share’ option at the bottom left of the screen.
  3. In the lower menu, we select ‘Wallpaper’ we fix the size that we want to use.
  4. Select the ‘Live’ tab and then click on ‘Set’.

It should be noted that this fund can be applied both in the main screen of applications, on the lock screen or even in both categories. With your iPhone you can also invert the colors of the screen to give a different touch to the interface of your mobile or iPad.

How to set a dynamic wallpaper on your iPhone?

To add this type of wallpaper on our iPhone, we must follow the steps that we present below:

  1. We go to the ‘Settings’ application on the mobile.
  2. We access the section of ‘Wallpapers’ and then click on ‘Select background’.
  3. We will be presented with three types of settings and select ‘Dynamic’.
  4. We choose the one of our preference and configure some parameters of size, use on the lock screen, among others.

How to add images from your gallery to a dynamic wallpaper?

iphone live photo backgrounds

One option to consider is the intoLive app, available on the App Store, which allows us to create endless dynamic backgrounds on our iPhone, even using videos from our gallery. To customize a background with this application, we can follow the following steps:

  1. We open intoLive on our iOS device.
  2. Click on the ‘Load’ button and we choose the video in question.
  3. We select a maximum of 3 seconds of the video (with the ‘pro’ version of the app you can use up to 30 seconds).
  4. We save the generated element as a ‘Live Photo’.
  5. We go to ‘Wallpaper’ in the iPhone Settings and select the dynamic background that we just created.