How to send Google Maps locations from PC to Mobile? – Send routes

Since its launch, Google Maps has become a very useful application that allows you to find restaurants, shops, routes with less traffic and even public transport stops and their schedules.

Recently, Google Maps added a new option that will allow us to send the planning that we will carry out in the computer version to our cell phone. However, you must be aware that for this method to work it is necessary that your email session is started both on the computer and also on the cell phone, now, we are going to discover how to do it.

How to send Google Maps directions from the computer to the cell phone?

This is a new function that Google Maps has added to its version for computers, which we makes it easy to share an address or path that we have on the computer to our device. You can also use this function from the Google Maps website.

  1. The first thing is to start your email session on your PC and then on your mobile
  2. We are going to enter Google Maps for PC and there we have to locate the place we are looking for.
  3. When we have found it we go to the common options ‘Save’ and ‘How to get there’, additionally we will also see ‘Send to your phone’ and press it.
  4. When you enter you will be able to see a list that includes the devices linked in the past. We continue to select the option of our preference.
  5. Now, on the mobile phone we will see the notification that Google Maps has sent us and when we open it, the application will start giving us directions to get to the place we want.

How to use the “how to get there” function on Google Maps?

Knowing this information can be very helpful if we do not know how to get to a site, when using it weIt will indicate the route that we must take, it also suggests the available routes to get there, from the longest to the shortest even taking into account the traffic and we can use it offline. Additionally, it also indicates the available means to get there and the time it would take to choose one of them.

route maps device

  1. Open the Google Maps application, we look for the place we want to get to.
  2. When looking down and to the left we will find an icon in blue with an arrow pointing ‘up and to the right’, once we find it we will click there.
  3. We will see that two options will appear, the top one will show your current location and the bottom one is the one that you will reject to search for the site you want to get to.
  4. Once you have obtained the destination you want to go to and select it. Instantly Google Maps will show you the best route to reach it.

You can also discover how to get from one place to another without you being in any of themAll you have to do is change the place where your location is, you do that by selecting the option ‘Your location’ that I mentioned in step 3 and entering another address.

What to do to share locations from the cell phone on WhatsApp?

As we all know, WhatsApp has become the most used means of communication worldwide, we can share files such as images, videos, audios, documents and even telephone contacts with other users.

whatsapp drive application

Despite this, few people know that also they can share their location by this app quickly and easily. Remember that you must have Google Maps on your cell phone.

  1. From WhatsApp, open the chat with the person who wants to share your location.
  2. At the bottom, where the bar to write your messages is located, you will be able to see an icon in the form of a clip, press there and a menu with several options will be displayed, among which you will see ‘Location’.
  3. Upon entering we can see that the map begins to load with our location and a series of options will be displayed at the bottom. We can send the ‘Real-time location’, ‘current location’ or that of the sites near you.
  4. Press the option of your preference and then press send.

It is important that you know that by sending your location in real time, the people participating in this chat they will be able to see the places they visit instantly for as long as you decide even if you are not using the application.