How to send an audio within the Skype chat? – PC and mobile

Skype is a software that allows you to make video calls, voice calls and communicate with third parties through its downloadable program, which is available on iOS, Android and any of the Windows versions. One of the many functions that this software handles is to be able to communicate with third parties through audios, regardless of whether it is active or not at that time.

Like most messaging apps, communicate by voice to save time it is extremely useful and for the same reason, Skype introduced this function years after its creation. Reason why, certain users do not know how is the method to send voice notes through Skype. Here we will teach you how to do it.

What should you do before sending a voice message through Skype?

The main thing before sending a voice note through Skype is to download the program, whether we are using our phone or a computer, since each of the operating systems have the opportunity to download it. Subsequently, another basic need is have an internet connection.

In addition to a skype account and that the device has a microphone. If you are not sure that your phone or computer have a microphone installed, you can use a private one or headphones. Finally, another requirement that you must have to start a conversation through voice notes is to have a third party to whom to send it, so you should look for the group chat with your friends or the specific chat with the other user and you will look for the option to send Audio.

What versions of Android allow to send voice messages within Skype?

To send audios from our Android cell phone, first we must take into account certain factors and, among these, one of the main ones is to know which version of Android we maintain, since due to the constant updates that the Skype application maintains, certain versions of Android , especially the older ones, have not been able to support such updates, thus keeping an outdated version of Skype, they can still use it.

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And as is well known, Skype has not always had the ability to send voice notes, since this option was added through one of the most recent updates. So, you do keep an Android phone with an operating system lower than version 5.0 you will not be able to enjoy the function of sending voice memos.

How is audio sent from your PC via Skype?

If we have Skype from our PC and we want to send an audio, regardless if we have a Mac or a computer with the Windows operating system, the first thing we should do is enter our Skype account to then search for any chat, this can be to a single person or a group of people.

Then, inside the chat at the bottom we can see the bar where we write the messages and next to it, you can see the microphone icon. Once there, you will press the microphone and begin to record the audio, expressing your needs and / or opinions regarding the conversation. Finally we will stop clicking on the microphone to send the message.

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Before sending the message, as we have said, you must make sure that you have the microphone connected to the computer and that you have authorized the platform to use it. In the event that the audio did not come out in the correct way or that for some reason you want to delete it, you will have to right click on the audio and among the options shown in the small pop-up menu, we will have to select where it says ‘remove’.

How to send voice messages within Skype chat through a cell phone?

Now, as has been clarified, Skype handles various platforms and among these, we can see that it is available on both iOS and Android, being an application with a very similar format on both devices. However, the process of sending an audio through these devices can change slightly, so here we show you how to send voice notes through an iOS device or an Android phone.

If you have an iOS device

When you have an iPhone or a device with the iOS operating system, when you want to send a voice note through Skype, it will be very similar to when we send audios through Telegram, WhatsApp or Instagram, since all we have to do is access the application and find the chat in question that we want to send the audio.

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Then, next to the bar where we write the messages we will find three icons, one of a smiley face, a microphone and finally a camera. We will have to press where the microphone is and in this way you will begin to record the audio. You must take into account that the Skype audios time limit is 2 minutesTherefore, everything you have to say will be in less time.

In case you have an Android phone

Now, if we handle an Android phone and we make sure that its version of the operating system is greater than 5.0, we can record audios by accessing the application and looking for the specific chat that we want, we will enter it and in the lower bar where normally the text is written we will look for the icon that has a microphone.

Pressing on it will activate the audio recording function, so in less than 2 minutes we will have to communicate all the information with the other user or send several audios at the same time. Finally we release the microphone icon and the audio must be sent. There is not much difference between recording an audio on Android or iOS, just the way the icons are displayed. If the error that the audio does not work correctly is shown, it can be solved in a similar way.

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