How to see the email with which you have logged in on the Nintendo Switch OLED?

The Nintendo Switch OLED is a console that contains the best updates in its tools, presents a vibrant 7-inch screen, in addition to a wide and adjustable stand. Regarding the cable connection, it has a base with a LAN port, its internal storage is 64 GB and improved audio. It is worth mentioning that to access the Nintendo Switch OLED account, must use email and a series of steps that can facilitate entry, therefore, they can be given the necessary information about it.

Where is personal account information located on the Nintendo Switch OLED?

The personal information of an account on the Nintendo Switch OLED, that is, the profile which can be deleted whenever you want, this is located as follows, it is located on the HOME menu, choose the page of the user you want to edit, in settings You can go to the Nintendo account section, then select Check account information. You can then go to View email address / login ID. This is where you can put the password related to the Account, then click Accept to see all the information of the Nintendo Account.

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Menu ‘Home’ of your account

In this part, it is essential to know that the Home menu of the Nintendo Switch OLED console is the one that helps to start programs and specify the configuration of the console, you can have access at any time just by clicking the HOME button on the console.

What to do if the startup data on the Nintendo Switch OLED does not appear and is forgotten?

It is important to know how it can be done if the startup data on the Nintendo Switch OLED does not appear because it has been deleted or forgotten, in that case we must certify that it is you are using the correct technique To log in, that is why if you have created your Nintendo Account linked to an existing account, such as Facebook, you must use the appropriate button on the login page using the existing account.

However if you don’t have a Nintendo account yet, Go to the Create a Nintendo Account login page and follow the instructions to open one. It is important to mention that although it is possible to associate a Nintendo Network ID with a Nintendo Account, it cannot be the same. In addition to this, if you selected to log in with only your login ID and unfortunately you do not remember it, you can find it in your email, which you received when you changed the login technique.

Verify the login with other social networks

It is possible that if you don’t remember your Nintendo account password and you created it with a social network account, such as Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Google, among others, you must do the following; Locate the social network you used to log into your Nintendo Account and then consult the help page for information on what to do to change the password.

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Reset your password

In this section, the following steps must be followed; First you must click on Forgot your password ?, then enter the email address related to your Nintendo account, click on Send so you can receive a temporary link in your email so that you can log in, when you receive the email, locate the link that it brings and click it; from there enter and confirm the new password.

You must take into account the requirements to make the password, you cannot enter your date of birth, since it will not take it as correct, the password must have at least 8 characters and you must include at least two of the following: letters, numbers, and special characters. Subsequently, you must enter the date of birth and the alias of the Nintendo account, you must make sure that the nickname of the account is spelled correctly. From this you can click on Login and your password will be reset to enter your Nintendo account without problems.