How to see the available storage space on my iPhone or iPad?

When we use our mobiles, we sometimes forget that they have a storage limit for information, documents, data and files; suddenly we see that our cell phone meets little space and we don’t know what to do. To avoid this, we must always be aware of the storage of our mobiles and gradually eliminate and free up space.

In this article we will show you how view the amount of storage memory available on both iPhone and iPad.

What should you do to see how much memory your iOS device has available?

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It is important to make clear that there are several types of memories within a device, the most common are RAM, which stores temporary data of programs or processes that we are using; and there is the storage memory, which, in general terms, serves to save information on our devices.

For Check how much memory our iPhone or iPad has available we must go to Settings, app identified by a gear icon. Next, we go to the General section and then click on Space on iPhone (or iPad).

A window will open that graphically exemplifies the storage under a color classification depending on the element such as messages, videos, photos, system data, among others. At the bottom of the screen we can see in detail the storage used by each application that we have installed on our iOS device.

How can you free up space on your iPhone or iPad with iCloud?

iCloud is Apple’s cloud service, and it will serve us perfectly as a tool to free up space without having to get rid of files that we consider important. It should be noted that iOS devices cannot expand their storage using an SD card, so with the cloud service we can archive some documents.

The good thing about iCloud is that, since everything is stored in the cloud, we can make sure that our files will not suffer if we lose our iPhone or iPad, in fact, we can access all this data from any other device. You can also transfer photos from Windows PC to your iPhone easily with iCloud.

The best option to save space with iCloud is by storing our photos and videos directly from the gallery or reel. To activate this function we must go to Settings and then in Photos, there we will activate the option ‘Optimize storage’. It is important to remember that the ‘free’ version of iCloud only allows us to use 5 GB of cloud storage.

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If you want, you can expand it purchasing a plan from 50 GB to 2 Tera Bytes. To make this change we just have to go to Settings, click on the device name, then go to the ‘iCloud’ section and click on ‘change plan’.

It is also possible opt for other storage options In the cloud like Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft’s OneDrive, Amazon Drive or MEGA, these offer good free storage plans.

What other alternative is there to free up storage space on iOS?

We can also choose the option to delete and erase unnecessary information on our iPhone or iPad, for example, storing iMessages or WhatsApp files is an option to delete, in case you don’t have anything valuable there. On the other hand, it is recommended to reduce the quality of the photos in the Camera Settings.

Delete apps you don’t use

A vital tip for any smartphone user is don’t hold on to apps that we use little or nothing. Despite not having activity on our part, apps tend to accumulate content in cache and, with the sum of several, it usually becomes a considerable amount of storage.

To delete applications, we just have to go back to the Storage section and follow the recommendations below the graph ‘Uninstall unused apps’In this option, iOS hierarchizes those programs that are taking up space and are not being used, in addition, with the uninstallation of some apps, several files stored within them are eliminated.

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It is also possible to do a system restore and put our iPhone or iPad, however, it is a drastic option to take, since we would be eliminating absolutely everything from the device.

Delete duplicate photos, music and files

In the same storage section it is possible to delete the files hierarchical in photos, videos and music as well as some audio files stored in Apple Podcasts. In the case of duplicate files you can go reviewing each of the photos and videos that are repeated in the gallery of our device.

Another option to choose is to use some apps that help us eliminate duplicate elements. We can use Smart Cleaner, available in the App Store, which will analyze all the documents that we have on our iOS device and will identify those that are repeated, with the possibility of permanently deleting them.