How to see statuses on WhatsApp without them noticing? – All forms

The states are part of WhatsApp which is an application that until recently has been updated, so you can share photos, videos, gifs, tiktoks that you will share yourself from your phone, and memes, in which the content will last 24 hours from the moment you publish it. A safe option since it does not allow your contacts to save your publication, you can also delete it yourself whenever you want.

However, WhatsApp has an option so that as many your contacts as you can see the stories without anyone noticing, there are various tricks to do this and the best thing is that they are very easy.

With what methods can you see WhatsApp statuses without them noticing?

The easiest trick will be that you deactivate the read confirmations or what is the same, the ‘seen’ or the double check, which will allow you to receive a message without being marked as seen. You just have to follow three steps: Enter the application, press the three buttons that are in upper right and choose ‘Settings’, then Account> Privacy and deactivate or activate the ‘Read receipts’

Once you do this you have to wait 24 hours to activate it If you don’t want the person you saw your status to find out that you saw it. As an option you can also use a file explorer, following these steps: WhatsApp notification

  • Download ES File Explorer yourself, or anyone else.
  • Open the application, and choose the internal memory of the phone.
  • Select the WhatsApp folder and open it.
  • Display the file explorer options panel and activate ‘Show hidden files’
  • Once you enter there, ‘.Statuses’ appears
  • Here are the photos and videos of your contacts in the states.
  • You just have to touch the image to see it.

How can you see the statuses of someone who has blocked you?

You must first verify that you really your contact has blocked you, which you can tell if that person does not reply to your messages, if you can’t get their ‘last connection hour or if you can’t see their profile picture.

Once this is confirmed, you have to know that you cannot see the status of someone who has blocked you, because once they block you there is no way to do it from your phone but you can do a trick, just you will need a mutual friend that you have that person in your contacts.

You must talk to that friend and tell him to do you a favor to check the status of the person, tell him that he only has to click where he says ‘Reply’, tag you there, so you can view its status, but in addition to that you can take a Screenshot and send it to you.person holds whatsapp

How to know if a WhatsApp status is just for you?

There’s no way of knowing, at least not from your own phone nor through any secure app. But in this case you can also ask a friend of yours in common with that person, to review the status if it does not appear to him and you do, then it means that it is probably only for you.

Although remember that WhatsApp gives you the ability to only share your statuses with people you choose and make some contacts not see your statuses, all from the same application, then maybe you’re just part of the set of people that contact chose to see their status.

What is the way to see who sees your statuses in a hidden way?

There is no way to know that they are seeing your WhatsApp statuses in a hidden way, because no applications that provide this information, the only way is for that person to tell us a comment on our state or reactions to it.

In general, a good way to suspect that this is happening is to write to him, and if you don’t see that your messages they mark a double blue check, it probably has it deactivated, so it is possible that it has been seeing your statuses, remember that this option hides who sees your statuses, in addition to removing the confirmation of the message.

You just have to open the application and scroll to the ‘States’ option, once you do it there, the states uploaded by the people we have contact will appear in the form of circles. To move them you just have to touch it quickly one by one.whatsapp application

One thing that is important for you to know is that you will not be able to see the status of any contact if you enter WhatsApp Web, as this option is only available, for now, in the whatsapp application that you can download yourself from the play store.