How to see my saved conversations on Snapchat? – Access your chats

In Snapchat it is possible to save messages even though their expiration time has passed. This application has a method that allows you to fix the chats and thus circumvent their deletion. This article explains where these saved chats are and how to do so. view saved conversations on Snapchat. We will also mention the different ways in which a Snapchat conversation can be saved.

What is the procedure to save a Snapchat conversation?

Snapchat is a particular social network, since it does not save the history of conversations or at least all the messages. In this sense, many of the messages of this service have an expiration date. Therefore, after reading them, at the end of that time, the message is automatically deleted.

So, when important messages are received within Snapchat, it is necessary to save them so that they are not deleted at the same time. As a first step you have to enter the yellow app with the image of a ghost, that is, the Snapchat app to log into your account. Once it opens, you will enter your account, where you must slide your finger to the right so that the screen turns to the chat section.

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There, it is possible to open any chat with your friends from this service, although you cannot do the saving process with the conversations already open. You can also open the conversation by sliding to the right where you should find the text you want to save. When you find the message you want to keep, press that message for a while until the options appear.

How can you access your saved Snapchat conversations?

The background of the application will change to gray when a message is pressed, at which point the options appear on the left side of the screen. You can clear the chat history or select the save button. So click on this option so that the message is saved, the saved messages can be own or received from other friends.

This message will remain in the conversation, specifically at the top, until the save is removed. Therefore, every time you want to see your saved snaps, you need to access the conversation or chat of the person where the message was saved. If after a while you want to delete the saved message, you just have to press on it again to bring up the options.

Now, instead of saving, the option shows the word saved, in the same way you must click on this option so that the message is no longer saved. Once this fixation is removed, the message will be deleted when you leave the chat. Well, the expiration time has passed.

Why is the chat I saved not showing up?

Sometimes you try to save a message but it does not appear in the pinned or saved chat after doing the procedure. This is because the person who sent you the private message has deleted the message. Well, when a person deletes the message they send, the receiver content that has been received is also deleted.

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There is also the possibility that you have wrong save process and that’s why it doesn’t show up in the chat history. Likewise, it is possible that you have pressed the button that eliminates the saving process and that is why the message has been deleted. In both cases, the message will expire and cannot be pinned or saved to the chat again.

Is it possible to recover a conversation that has not been saved on Snapchat?

Once the chats or messages expire and their display time is up, they are automatically deleted. So they will no longer appear in the conversation you have with the friend who sent the message. However, Snapchat gives the opportunity to view the content of said message once more after it has been removed.

this option it is only allowed to be done once a day and does not allow the message to be saved within the application. In this sense, you must locate where the message was and click on it. Then, the message appears and you will have a short time to read it, specifically the expired message stays open and displayed for less than a minute.

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Another way to save messages from this app is taking screenshots of the conversations. To do this, when you read the message you must act quickly and press the volume buttons plus the power button on the mobile to take the screenshot. After the message is deleted you will have a photo of it.

This process also serves to do so in the retrieval of the message discussed above. So, within seconds of the message showing up again, take the screenshot and save the photo. In case you can’t take screenshots, Snapchat allows you to save your Snaps, because in the lower part of the app there is always a button that says capture, this allows you to take photos and videos and then, you can save them inside the gallery of your mobile or on the computer, if that is the case. This way, after the messages disappear, you can talk evidence of them.