How to secure your Metamask Wallet with a Ledger?

You are using a Metamask wallet to manage your cryptocurrency wallet? Do you know that basic it is not secure ?

You should know that it is possible to take control of your wallet if you invest money on crappy Smart Contracts.

This tutorial will give you all the keys to secure your Metamask wallet.

Little reminder on Metamask

Metamask is a free solution to store your crypto-assets. It allows you to manage a multitude of protocols like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain or Polygon (matic).

We wrote a full tutorial to configure it.

It is therefore good to recall a few elements:

  • The passphrase should never be disclosed to anyone! Only one person should know her is you
  • The Official page to install Metamask (on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox) is here:
secure metamask
official page of the Metamask website

Now that your portfolio is created, we will see how to add a security layer.

Associate Metamask with a HardWallet

What is a HardWallet?

a HardWallet is a hardware wallet, that is to say that to validate transactions such as withdrawals and exchanges, a human validation.

The HardWallet plugs into your computer via USB and you need a pin code to unlock it.

Each transaction will ask you for validation (accept or decline). Finally it will be disconnected from the internet and unplug from your computer. It is therefore impossible to carry out transactions without your approval.

A French startup has developed a Hardware portfolio called Ledger they are the best known and most reliable on the market. There are two versions

  • Ledger Nano S
  • Ledger Nano X

They may be expensive, but I assure you it’s well worth it so you don’t get your money siphoned off.

It is essential to go through reliable resellers see go directly to Ledger

Some sellers are selling corrupt Ledger on marketplaces like Leboncoin or Facebook flee!

A ledger cannot be bought second-hand, it is too risky.

Configure your Metamask with a Ledger

Now that you have bought a Ledger you must initialize it and use theLedger Live app

This application allows you to update the HardWallet but also to add BlockChains such as Ethereum, Bitcoin or even Terra.

In our case we let’s download the Ethereum app (Binance Smart Chain was based on this blockchain)

ledger live ethereum

Once installed on your Ledger you must modify a parameter in the Ethereum application to accept “smart contracts”

ledger-application ethereum
Here I choose ethereum

Then I will go to “settings”

ledger settings

And finally I activate the Smart Contract

ledger smart contract

An update of the Ethereum application (v1.9.9) modifies the menus, you have to go to Blind Signing and activate it

Open Metamask then do “Connect a HardWare wallet” and choose Ledger

metamask hardware wallet

Make sure your Ledger is plugged in USB to your computer

Then you have to open the Ethereum application on your Ledger

A confirmation is requested once completed you should be able to choose your different Wallets

Ledger secures multiple Blockchains

Your Ledger allows you to use the Ethereum blockchain but also the Binance Smart Chain , it is possible to change the network at any time.

Some BlockChains are modeled on Ethereum (take the example of Celo), theEthereum application on Ledger allows you to use all of these strings.

Your Ledger is therefore fully compatible with chains such as Polygon (Matic), or Fantom

Now each transaction must be validated by you by connecting the Ledger wallet.

The transactions will be displayed on the screen, a summary of the transaction will appear for your verifications.

You can reimport your wallet to other computers by repeating the previous steps and it is not necessary to connect it to follow the progress of your earnings.

For example, you can completely follow your returns on PancakeSwap without plugging your portfolio.

Metamask and Browser Bugs

The Metamask extension is available on several Internet browsers. Chrome or Brave uses the same engine (Chromium), if you have problems validating your transactions I advise you to” install the extension on Firefox.

Finally if you use theMetamask mobile app it is not possible to use your Ledger on it. More generally, it is strongly recommended to do not install the Metamask application on your SmartPhone because the latter is not secure!

I secure my Metamask by ordering a Ledger!

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