How to schedule my messages using WhatsApp Web – Help applications

There are times when you must send messages on WhatsApp at times when we are not available. Due to this, scheduling messages using WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp on the phone is quite a useful tool. So, this article will explain the steps to schedule the sending of messages to wish happy birthday, on a special occasion or as a reminder at any time and date.

What are the steps to schedule your messages using WhatsApp Web?

For this you must resort to installing some applications that allow scheduling the sending of messages. It is worth mentioning that the programmed messages are different from the temporary messages of WhatsApp since they are not deleted after a certain time. This article will explain step by step the procedure to be able to schedule messages using WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp mobile.

Despite the constant updates in the WhatsApp application, the function of scheduling the sending of messages to wish happy birthday or make reminders is not available in your system. However, through apps like Bluestick It is possible to schedule the sending of messages on WhatsApp Web. In order for the installation to be carried out, we are going to follow these steps:

  • Go to the Chrome Web Store from the browser.
  • Locate the Bluesticks extension.
  • Select ‘Add to Chrome’.
  • Register.

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Once the installation is finished, you must go to WhatsApp Web in Google Chrome, choose the contact or group for which the message is intended. Then you have to click on the clock figure that appears next to the writing box, this will open the menu to program the message. Next, compose the message, select the date and time to send, click on the option Schedule Sending. Thus, the message is already scheduled and will be sent at the selected date and time.

Using your Android cell phone

As previously stated, WhatsApp does not include the option to schedule messages. However, it is possible to activate this option on Android devices by installing another application. Although there are a variety of applications that can help enable this configuration, it is recommended install the Wasavi app from the PlayStore.

Once you have installed Wasavi, you must open the application and grant all 3 permissions what is requesting for its correct operation. You can then start scheduling your message directly in the application or do it from WhatsApp. To do this, you must do the following:

  • Go to WhatsApp.
  • You have to open the chat of the contact to whom you will send this type of message.
  • A floating bar will appear.
  • Press one of the icons
  • Select ‘+’ in the lower right corner.
  • Tap Schedule Message.

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You can then start scheduling your message, select the date and time it will be sent. In the same way, you can configure that the shipment is repeated hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annually. It is important that the device is unlocked or has a simple lock to make the shipment.

With your iOS device

On devices with iOS operating system, you need to install the Shotcuts app to be able to schedule the sending of messages on WhatsApp. At the end of the installation, you go to the app, select the Automation option at the bottom. Then, in the upper right, press’+ ‘ and select Create personal automation. There, you must select the date and time the message will be sent, then press next.

Once the above is done, select Add Action and type Text in the search bar and choose Text. Now, you can edit your message, at the end press the + symbol, search for WhatsApp in the search bar and select it. To finish, choose the contact you want to send the message to, press next and then on Done. Then, the sending of the message is scheduled.

How to know if your messages were programmed correctly?

To find out if the message was programmed properly, you can make one or more test shipments. Similarly, you can go to the application and check the status of your scheduled messages. Once there, you can also edit the text, change the send time and date, as well as modify the send repetitions.

What third-party extensions can you use to help you schedule your messages on WhatsApp?

There is a wide variety of applications that allow you to schedule messages on WhatsApp for free. Among them, it is worth mentioning Bluesticks, Wasavi and Shortcutsas they are easy to use and require little storage space. These offer among their configurations to select the time and date of shipment, to choose the recurrence of the shipment. Likewise, they allow you to activate or deactivate the option of receiving a notification before sending.

WA Web Plus

It is a function that allows improve and expand the WhatsApp Web service. Unlike WhatsApp that you have on a mobile device, WhatsApp Web has reduced functionalities. In this sense, chatting, sending and receiving messages is what only the user focuses on.

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On the other hand, through WA Web Plus you can expand its functions and get a better experience. To install it, you must open Chrome, then select add extension, in a short time the download and installation is done in the browser. Then, you go to WhatsApp Web and you can start enjoying the benefits that WA Web Plus offers.

Why can’t you schedule your messages on WhatsApp Web effectively?

As mentioned, WhatsApp Web does not have the option to schedule messages. For this, it is necessary to resort to the use of other applications, in which the required permissions must be granted and the necessary registrations must be made. In this way, these applications will perform correctly, thus allowing the ability to schedule the sending of messages.