How to save buying Apple products on the day without VAT from MediaMarkt?

buy apple without vat

In case you didn’t know, there is a day of the year when you can buy products without VAT at MediaMarkt. In short, you avoid paying that 21% tax on any item that is for sale. If you wanted to buy Apple products, then we will tell you how to do it on Mediamarkt’s VAT-free day so you can save some money.

The trick to buy products without VAT from MediaMarkt is already activated. Did you need anything from this store? Well, your time has come to shine.

How to buy products in the day without VAT

apple mediamarket

  • This week you have to book paying 20% of the product price. This is the only way to ensure your purchase in advance.
  • On January 14 you pick it up at the price that is on that day or at the price of the reservation that you had blocked, but with a corresponding reduction of the VAT of that day.
  • If you want something from the block, we recommend that you visit the Apple area of ​​MediaMarkt as soon as possible. When you make your reservation you will have already secured everything.

With the reservation and the payment of 20% you ensure the stock of the item. On the day without VAT, you cancel the purchase, they return the 20% you paid and pay the price without VAT. The reservation is only to ensure the stock for that day, ideal if you are looking to buy an Apple product because these are usually sold out on the web.

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