How to save all open tabs in Safari for later viewing?

This type of storage has to do with adding the pages to the bookmarks, scroll until you reach ‘Menu’, and there make a selection touch in the ‘Bookmarks’ area. The most important option, and the one you should choose is found as ‘Add bookmarks for these tabs’, In the box below add a name to identify the pages, from that moment you will be able to view a folder with the added bookmarks. Complement the action when managing data and cookies in ‘Safari’, so you will have more precise control.

Where can you see how many tabs you have open in Safari?

When you are in the ‘Safari’ app, locate the figure or eyelash drawing and click on it, slide the options until you reach the last line, which has a space identified for tabs. However, you can identify each one of them because it has the description in view, this in case it is an ‘iPhone’ or ‘iPad’ device.

open pages safari save

The case is different on ‘Mac’ computers, this implies being able to access the current browser, when you are there, make a selection click on the figure of double tabs. From that moment on, you will see rectangular boxes, those are the current or open tabs, you can enter any of them by pressing them. If you lost certain data on your browser, recover ‘Safari’ bookmarks via iCloud.

How to create a group of tabs in Safari?

This option requires storing the links as bookmarks, everything depends on the equipment, if it is a computer, just select the ‘Menu’ ordinal, in the displayed list you select the ‘Add tab as bookmark’ section. while you did that, change the tab and run the same process you will immediately notice the two directions.

The next step is to give it a name, you should not do anything extraordinary, since the same blank box will ask you for a name. pseudonym for the tab group, write the one you want to add. If you changed manufacturers, start migrating bookmarks from ‘Chrome’ to ‘iOS’ without problems, this will help you not to lose data from your previous browsers.

How to take that group of tabs as a bookmark?

Open your browser and go to the page addresses you want to group, when you are in any of them, click on the section of the screen where the ‘Pages’ drawing is located. At the very bottom, right at the end of the list is the ‘Bookmark this page’ section, enter group name and save the new folder, now proceed to navigate to the next page.

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Wait for the other page to load and again, access the page icon, if it is the browser, make a selection touch on ‘Menu’, slide to the bottom, and get the ‘Bookmark Page’ scope again. Choose the folder you just created, and confirm to store it, if you want to add more pages you can do it without any problem.

What is the way to store those tabs for later?

Try to enter the ‘Safari’ ‘App’ again and with your search engine get the page you want to include and click on the bookmark symbol, in other versions of ‘iOS’ it is possible that only the ‘Tabs’ icon is available. Tap on any of them, if you do it on the ‘Tabs’, you must locate and choose ‘Add page in bookmarks’, a small box will be displayed there.

In that area the name is established, when writing it you must locate the folder in the desired place, either from the computer or phone, when you choose the place, press the digital button ‘Save’. When you close the browser and sign in again laterthe pages will be stored, for this, you must go to the options menu or tab, and click on the ‘Bookmarks’ selector, by doing so you will be able to view the pages.

How to reopen a recently closed window?

If you closed a navigation window in ‘Safari’ by accident, scroll to the ‘Menu’ section or options, it all depends on the version of the ‘App’, in the list present read until you get the ‘History’ statement. Click on that line and you will be able to notice certain page addresses, if the page you closed by accident was the last one, the last link will correspond to the page you should visit.

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You can achieve this by sinking the section of the screen where that link is, wait for the web page to finish loading, don’t worry, this won’t take long. Allows popup boxes in ‘Safari’, with them you can also create bookmarks, and store them for enjoy the pages when you so decideyou can do this on both iPhone and Mac.