How to save a route in Waze and use it without an internet connection? – Android and iOS

Entering unfamiliar areas will no longer be a problem, with Waze you can get to places easily, save and use your routes without the need for an internet connection, thanks to GPS-assisted navigation. In addition, from this application you will not only know the route of your destination, but you will also have notifications of accidents on the road, traffic situation, or dangerous objects present on your way.

So with Waze you will have a guaranteed safe journey and also necessary to make it a pleasant experience. In this way your adventurous side can be discovered, and with it you will start your experience to different places without fear of getting lost on the way.

One of the main benefits of Waze is that it not only tells you the direction, but with it you will avoid traffic jams in the main avenues. Since by means of a notification you will be informed of any news on the road.

save waze path

You can also get the precise location in real time and without any problem when executing it, since as you progress, you will be given different indications to facilitate the process. This application also has a plus, and that is that it is quite accessible with just one click and you can have it downloaded in a matter of seconds on your mobile through the Play Store.

And not only that, but thanks to the voice commands available on its platform you will be able to obtain information much faster than the competition. As if that were not enough, Waze also offers you a very useful saving method when talking about fuel, since it has at its disposal a device where you will find the service stations closest to your destination and with the best price.

Allows you to see the state of the road

With the Waze application you can also view in a few easy steps the state of the road and the obstacles that may exist inside of her. And not only that, but you can also get various path options with just one click that, even if you may not believe it, will be able to make you avoid a traffic jam and arrive a few minutes before your appointment.

You location you can in the same way, share it with your friends as in Google Maps. And the best thing about this is that for your friend to visualize the route, they will not need to download the application.

waze application route

For this you only have to select the blue point located at the bottom of your device’s screen. Select the send ETA option and in the warning message that will appear on your screen, press the allow option. Choose the contact of your preference and select send.

Offer your services offline

Waze allows you to use and view your routes without the need to be connected to an internet network at the moment. Just select the location as a favorite prior to the trip and immediately you are will store all the data of this tour. Remember that you cannot get your routes only with their name, you can also do it in a simple way with the coordinate of the site given by the GPS.

You can also share your location and even without internet access your friends will know where you are and what was the last site where you had access to a network. This is definitely a social network that has impacted the market, thanks to its stability and the certainty of its data. So it is one of the favorites of users, plus you can get notifications from your favorite sites without having to repeatedly enter the websites.

How can a place be added to Waze favorites?

First you need to go to the Waze application and select magnifying glass figure located at the bottom of the blue screen.

waze path save

It’s necessary that enter the search engine The route of your preference and the destination you want to reach will appear on the screen. When the destination is displayed, select the star located in the upper left corner of the menu that appears. This indicates the favorites option.

A new window will appear where you must choose the custom path name that you just added to your favorites. Press save, go to the list of added routes and select the option go now. And voila, now you can access it in a simpler way and without so much protocol.

How to travel offline with saved Waze routes?

Just enough go to the favorites section from your screen and select the route that you previously saved.

location waze android

The right side of the location will display the option go now. Press there, the route will be established immediately and will be displayed on the screen of your device. Definitely now traveling offline will no longer be a headache, and you will have at your disposal all the routes of your choice with just one click.

What procedure must be followed to share your location with Waze?

Login to Waze and select your locationIt should be noted that you can share your location in real time or any route that you have saved in your files. Make sure to always check the starting point and the final destination to avoid inconveniences when making the route. To share your location, just press on the route and select the option send location. Choose the application through which you want to share either WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram and define the username or contact of your choice. Finally press send.

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