How to retrieve old WhatsApp without code 2021

Restore old whatsapp without code Many users face the problem of deleting messages from the WhatsApp program WhatsApp Or delete them permanently, which causes the loss of many important messages, and this causes inconvenience to users to a large extent, so we will learn how to retrieve them through this topic without using the copy code, and we will show more than one effective method that can easily and completely restore all deleted messages You will not lose any messages.

Restore old whatsapp without code

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Restore old whatsapp without code

A lot of users overlook a cool feature of backing up for messages WhatsApp or backups on emails, which is a very cool feature provided by WhatsApp So that users can upload all conversations to emails through it.

Moreover, if you delete the messages or the program completely, you can easily and automatically recover all the conversations After installing the software again, so when the following situations occur, we will learn how to Restore old whatsapp without code And other ways, backup conversations, the copy will not be saved.

Software download ES File Explorer File Manager

The first program related to this topic is ES File Explorer file manager The most famous of it, which is considered one of the best programs Restore old whatsapp without code Through certain steps, we will identify them through the following steps:

First to be able to download the program ES File Explorer file manager You must “click here.

After downloading and installing the program in the traditional way, you have to launch it.

When you start the program and the first window appears, you have to click on the word “OK” to start using it.

After that you have to go to databases Sdcard WhatsApp Databases You can even reach the location where the backup copies of WhatsApp conversations are stored WhatsApp.

Then click on the word msgstore.db.crypt8 at length, then edit the file name and add a word before the file name to read Backup-msgstore.db.crypt8.

Now you have to change the history of the conversation to be retrieved again, then change the file name, delete the current date, then press OK.OK.

After that, head to the application manager on your mobile phone and click on the WhatsApp program WhatsApp, then delete the data by my option”Clear Data” And “Clear CacheThen press OKOK.

Finally, you have to open the WhatsApp program WhatsApp, a window will appear in the window telling you to work Restore conversations WhatsApp selected in the program, and after the recovery process is approved, all the conversations that you selected will be restored.

Software download Android Data Recovery

If the user wishes to Restore old whatsapp without code Through a computer, you can download a program Android Data Recovery , which can be used to recover all messages that have been deleted from your Android phone as shown in the following steps:

First click by clicking here To download a program Android Data Recovery on your computer or laptop.

After downloading the program, click zip To download the file, then use the program unzip To start installing the program on your computer.

Through the initial installation window, click Next, then repeat the command in all the following windows.

Then click on “Install”InstallTo start installing the program files on your computer.

When the program has finished installing the files, click “Finish.”FinishTo complete the installation and run the program immediately.

Then you have to connect the phone to the computer using a cable USB.

How to connect the phone to the computer via USB

But you have to activate the developer options on your Android phone to connect the phone correctly, and follow these steps:

Go to phone settings.

Click About Phone”About Phone.

Then click on the option “Build number“Seven times repeatedly until you see a message” You are under developer mode .

After that go back to the initial settings page, a new option will appear, which is developer options, you have to click on “Developer options.

After that activate the debug option USB And click OK.

Now that this option is activated, you can connect your phone to your PC without any problems.

After that, the program will recognize the mobile immediately, and then you have to select the program you want Restore old whatsapp without code.

Select the WhatsApp program WhatsApp, then click Attachment WhatsApp Attachments , then click Next.

The program will now send a message over the phone to request approval for the search and retrieval process.

Then do the approval of messages to your phone.

Now the process of searching and recovering messages will start, and you have to wait for the whole process to complete.

After retrieval of various messages and conversations, you can select all the conversations that you want to restore.

Then select the conversation and you have to press Recover To retrieve all conversations instantly.

Retrieve WhatsApp conversations via email

As we knew at the beginning of this article about how to Restore old whatsapp without code Via email, we will now know how to recover WhatsApp chats, but before doing that, we will first understand how to activate the backup function of all WhatsApp chats WhatsApp:

How to activate the WhatsApp message backup feature WhatsApp

You can activate the backup function on Android Android or iPhone iPhone By following these steps:

First, go to the WhatsApp program WhatsApp on your mobile.

After that, click on the three dots above to enter the options menu on WhatsApp.

Click Settings to enter the settings menu.

After that click on the “Chat” option.

Then tap Chat Backup.

On the next page, click to backup all conversations on the program.

Calculate option can be used Google To put the email you want to upload the conversation to, then write the email.

How to retrieve deleted WhatsApp conversations via email

If the WhatsApp program is deleted WhatsApp completely, or if all messages are deleted WhatsAppYou can easily and quickly restore all conversations by downloading the program again and then activating it with the same phone number.

Once the program is activated, a backup copy of the conversation will be obtained automatically, but your phone is required to have an Internet connection to be able to retrieve the conversation from the email.

And here we have come to the end of our article today Restore old whatsapp without code What are the best programs that help you retrieve old messages and more than an effective and guaranteed method, to learn more, follow us by subscribing to our site to receive all that is new.

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