How to reset my Nintendo Switch OLED without damaging it – Process with pictures

Many are the moments that we spend with our Nintendo Switch video game console, either playing or sharing games with friends, but it is possible that on some occasions the screen was frozen and the computer did not respond to any stimulus. There are no reasons to worry since to solve this problem, we only have to do a restart of the console but we must do it well or otherwise we could damage it. That is why in this post we want to show you the safest way to restart the Nintendo Switch without damaging it.

How does your Nintendo Switch OLED turn off from the controller?

The Nintendo Switch video game console has a variety of functions that very few know how to take advantage of, one is to be able to turn off the console from the remote, that is, without the need to get up to press a button. Although for the equipment to be able to turn it off completely, it is normal to go to the shutdown from the system menu, the reality is that this console offers a different and equally efficient method.

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What we must do is press the ‘Power’ button for approximately 3 secondsAs far as we can see some options, we will click on the one that says ‘Shutdown Options’, then in the following options available on the screen we choose ‘Turn off Console’ and immediately and automatically, it will turn off.

If your Nintendo Switch OLED does not respond, is it advisable to turn it off?

One of the failures that we frequently observe in video game consoles is the static state in which the screens are left and this can occur due to various factors that we will not go into in detail. What we must do is take all measures to avoid other types of failures such as the one that occurs when we cannot download games, if the case is that the equipment does not respond, the best we can do is turn it off, but first we must attach the controllers and remove the console from the base, then press the ‘Power’ button for several seconds thus allowing a forced shutdown.

How do you properly turn off a console of this type?

In general, a video game console is affected when we subject it to improper or forced shutdown procedures since such procedures hard hit the internal memory bringing as consequences failures in its operation, such problems do not occur immediately, but over time the consequences are suffered, hence the importance of properly shutting down the equipment.

In the case of the Nintendo Switch, the best way to turn it off so that the programs close properly and the system is not damaged is through the system menuTo do this, we must press and hold for 5 seconds or more the ‘Power’ button that we find at the top of the screen.

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Then we will see on the screen a menu that offers two options, ‘Sleep Mode’ or ‘Power Options’, here we must choose ‘Power Options’, in doing so we will see two more options, one of them is ‘Turn off the System’ which is the one we must selectr, in this way we will completely and correctly turn off the console.

How do you configure the ‘standby mode’ on your Nintendo Switch OLED?

The configuration of the ‘Standby Mode’ is another simple and efficient method that we can execute and that allows us to reduce the idle time of the console since we can adjust it to 10 minutes or even 1 hour according to our preference, likewise, we can also configure a auto power off. It is important to mention that in the configuration ‘Standby Mode’ simply decreases power consumption and save battery.

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To configure this mode, in the console configuration we can select it in the ‘Home’ menu, We will look in the options on the left ‘Standby Mode’ and we make the configuration according to what we want, among the available options are the standby mode for the console screen, console connected to the television and suspension during content playback.

Will the battery of your Nintendo Switch OLED be damaged if you keep it off for a long time?

The Nintendo Switch is an exceptional console that has several methods for saving battery such as activating the airplane mode, the keeping the equipment off is another saving method battery so it will not suffer any damage if we keep it that way, what we should not do is turn the equipment on and off at all times, this would bring consequences to our console.