How to reset my Chromebook to factory settings? – Restore without errors

Having used our Chromebook for a long time, it is usually filled with many junk files and others, so it is advisable to clean space on our Chromebook. In addition to this, our laptop may suffer from startup problems, file corruption and other things.

In these cases, the best thing to do is restore to factory settings our Chromebook. This will fix a lot of problems with our system and make it as good as new. In this article we will teach you how to restore our Chromebook to factory settings.

What to do to troubleshoot your Chromebook before factory resetting it?

In general, a factory reset on any device is performed in order to quickly solve possible problems that our device is presenting when it comes to performing. Therefore, it is possible to identify these problems and solve them before performing the restoration. Mentioned problems and how to solve them you can see below.

troubleshoot reset chromebook

Disable extensions

Disable extensions on our Chromebook It may be a possible solution to the problems that it may present when using it, this is because there may be an extension that we install and that is the same is causing the failure in our system. We must deactivate all the extensions and activate them one by one in order to identify which one is causing us problems and thus eliminate it without having to go through the factory reset on our device.

Hardware reset

On the other hand, we have the hardware reset on our Chromebook, which can be of great help if we do not want to lose all our data on our system, since the factory reset completely formats our Chromebook and it will not be possible to recover our data. and files. On the other hand, the hardware reset can factory reset the drivers of the internal parts in our Chromebook such as the audio card, video card, camera and others.

These options are not possible to use when our Chromebook does not turn on and gives a black screen, since when this occurs, the device must be taken to technical service as it is a much more serious problem and that a factory reset will not be able to solve.

How to create backup copies of important files before restoring your Chromebook?

Something that is of the utmost importance and that we must take into account before factory resetting our Chromebook is to make a backup of our most valuable files, since at the time of performing said restoration all documents and files will be deleted that we had on our device.

To create a backup, we must access the developer settings of our Chromebook, we get it by clicking on the time and pressing the small advanced settings gear. After this we must access Linux and click where it says ‘Backup and reset’.

create chromebook backup

We press where it says create a backup and select the files to save, we can also choose in which path the backup will be saved as an internal storage unit, archive it in the cloud, among other options.

How to reset your device to its initial settings?

Now, knowing what the possible solutions to the problems are before performing said factory reset, we must know how to reset my Chromebook to return to the initial configuration. For this, our Chromebook has different options, which are shown below.

with a shortcut

One way to restore our Chromebook to its initial configuration directly is by pressing the ‘Esc + Refresh + Power’ at the same time on the user selection screen. Here we will be shown a screen notifying us that our Chromebook is in repair mode.

Here we will press the ‘Ctrl + D’ keys to start the repair and factory reset process, we will press the enter key to disable or enable the system check. Now we just have to wait for the process to finish and our Chromebook to restart with the initial configuration.

Using the ‘Powerwash’ option

  • First we open the menu of our Chromebook and look for the system settings.
  • On the left side of the screen several options will appear, we enter the advanced configuration.
  • After this we enter the option that says ‘Reset settings’.

chromebook factory reset powerwash

  • Click on the Powerwash option and accept by pressing the blue ‘Ok’ button.
  • A window will appear warning us about the loss of all our files and data, press accept.

What to do if your Chromebook is still having issues after resetting it?

On the other hand, if our Chromebook is still having problems even after successfully performing the factory reset, then it could be a fault with the hardware part of our computer. When identifying this problem, we must contact Google technical support and explain in detail what the fault is that our Chromebook is presenting, its trained staff will give you instructions on how to act and what you should do in those cases.