How to reset Kodi to restore its factory settings? – Clean the software

It can happen that when we already have some time using Kodi this requires a reset in its configuration, and it needs to be left as newly configured, the truth is that doing this is quite easy, here we will show you how to do it quickly, easily and easily.

How to reset factory values ​​using plugins?

It is good to know that there are several options for us when it comes to resetting Kodi to factory settings, so then we’ll show you in detail which ones might be the most effective or most suitable to use.

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Multifunctional tool that allows us to make changes in many characteristics and different configurations, one of such is the tool ´Factory Restore´ which It helps us to reset Kodi to leave it from the factory. The first thing we must do to use Indigo is download the latest TVAddons App, following these steps:

  • We click on Kodi and press the Settings icon Enter the system, then we go to File management – Add Source, and in URL we enter your website.
  • We give a new name to the repository and click OK. So the TVAddons repository will be downloaded to our device, we will know that this process has concluded because we will see a box that notifies that the installation is complete.

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Once we have done all this process, we must proceed to install Indigo on our computer and we do it as follows:

  • We select the Add-ons option in the menu, then the Add-ons Browser Icon, which we find at the top towards the corner on the left side of the screen.
  • We click on Install Zip File. Selecting the file that we have previously named, we click on the file or folder called ´Start Here´. We just hope that the installation is completed successfully.
  • We return to the main menu and select Add-ons, look for the ´Indigo Add-on´ and click on it, it will ask us to download and install ´Additional Files´ to do so we click, when the download is finished we can use it.

When we open the Indigo plug-in we will see the main menu and an option with a name in the center of the screen ´Factory Restore´ We must follow the instructions that are indicated there and thus erase all the previous configurations or settings and start enjoying Kodi as new.

Ares Wizard Fresh Star

This is undoubtedly a very popular and widely used tool, it contains a very ingenious feature that allows us to reset Kodi to its original factory settings, this feature is the advantage that it provides us with the option to retain selected data beforehand. To use this tool we must install the Ares Wizard Software, to do so we must follow these steps:

  • Download the repository file, we can do it from its official website. While there, you have to download the file that has the name, we open Kodi17 and select Add-ons followed by the Add-on Browser Icon.
  • We go to the menu and click on the Install from Zip option. We go to where the Ares Repository Zip file is located and open it. This will cause the Ares repository to be installed on Kodi. We will see a confirmation of said installation if it has been carried out correctly.
  • Now we proceed to install Ares Wizard, we do so by returning to the add-ons browser menu and clicking install. We press the option AresProject-Program Plugins-Ares Wizard-Install.

Following these simple steps, Ares Wizard will be downloaded to our Kodi, we will find the Ares assistant in the tab with options ‘Program Add-ons’.

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How to restore Kodi initial settings without using Add-ons?

Much will depend on the device we are using, and if we have updated Kodi to its latest version, but the methods that help us do a Kodi reset are quite simple and work, only that they mostly do not have the option to retain information so once the App is uninstalled, we must install it again.


The easiest method to restart your Kodi is to uninstall it, it may not be the recommendation you expected but it turns out that it is the most viable because it is the safest and easiest. So you can use this method unless you want to keep the full program settings.


Doing a factory reset to Kodi installed on a computer with Android system is quite easy, just we We go to the Settings section Configuration of our device. From there, following the instructions, we perform the reset.


With the Mac operating system, we just have to follow the same process, do a complete uninstallation of the Kodi App and then proceed to install it.

Fire TV and Firestick

To do the Kodi reset on Fire TV and Firestick we have two options available, Factory Reset that is carried out from Settings, and the option in Android system that is carried out by entering Start-Settings-Application-Installed Applications Management-Kodi.

What other alternative is there to erase the data recorded on Kodi?

Another alternative and perhaps not the most attractive would be to have to completely erase the data, this is done by eliminating the cache of the computer, let’s see how to do it.

Clear cache

We select the Kodi application and choose the option Clear Data-Clear Cache. We click and this will be enough to erase all data and restore the App to its originality.

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