How to remove WordPress sidebar the right way?

Remove WordPress sidebar easily, requires locating the code that ‘calls’ the sidebar (”) and proceeding to eliminate it. In case the theme you are using has multiple sidebars, inspect the theme and locate those codes with the name ‘sidebar’.

Although this is the most direct way, there are simpler methods To remove your bars without having to access the theme code, one of them is to make use of the so-called ‘plugin’, which already have this option to ‘remove sidebar’ integrated into their settings.

What is the way to permanently remove the sidebar in WordPress?

Before permanently removing the sidebar in WordPress, we recommend making a backup your site and use a child theme, otherwise you could lose the changes you make. Once you set up your child theme, access your theme files. Being in this menu, you can rely on the use of FTP clients such as Filezilla, if you are a hostinger user you can go to the file manager that it has incorporated or just go to the WordPress Control Panel, Appearance section, Editor section.

Because each theme usually contains many templates then the variety of templates you want to edit from your main theme to sub theme and then edit this bar in each of the templates. You can have the files of your templates going to / wp-content / themes / mythema, select the mockup to modify and add it to the sub-theme directory.

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Once you do this, open your template document in editor and search for ‘sidebar’, since this code is designed to invoke the sidebar, and if on the contrary you want to eliminate the bar you must delete it. If the case is that your themes have multiple sidebars, you should look for ‘sidebar’ name codes. Eliminating this type of codes will eliminate several side bars at the same time in the template. Once you complete all the steps and proceed to save, go to your website, you will see that the sidebars of your theme are no longer visible.

Now, you will see that the point of the sidebar is replaced by a blank area, which is caused by the configuration of your theme, which has default properties for this space. To solve it just add a custom css to repair the width of your page.

Edit your theme from the template

To edit your theme from the WordPress template, first log in to your personal accountl. Enter the administration panel and select pages or posts to check the list of pages on your site or your blog posts.

Once this is done, select the page or post you want to remove your sidebar fromIn the options on the right, scroll down to the ‘attributes’, there should be the ‘template’ option.

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Use the drop-down menu and find the option to configure the page or post in complex width template, select the option and click on ‘update’Once you do, the main content will now take up the entire screen space.

Use page builders

If you don’t want to use lines of code, you can make use of page builders such as Fullwidth Templates for Any Theme & Page Builder. This plugin works for any theme and page builder you use for your website, to use it you need just 3 clicks to have a full width template.

Once you have installed the app of this builder, you will be able to access 3 basic configurations:

  • Blank template: With this setting, everything on your page will be removed: sidebar, header, footer, comments. You will have a completely blank page over which you will have total control in the design.
  • Full width template: This setting will remove the sidebar, page title, and comments from the layout. The content area of ​​the page will automatically stretch to fill the layout.
  • No sidebar template: This setting will only remove the sidebar from your layout. The other elements of the design and styles will not be affected.

In what ways to delete sidebar in WordPress static page?

Create a new file in your text editor and name it ‘fullwidth.php’, then access your page.php file, proceed to copy all the code from this file and paste it into the new file called ‘fullwidth.php’. Once the PHP tag is opened, proceed to add the name of the file in this way:

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‘Total width’

Once you do this, find and remove each part of the following code:

After doing this, save the changes and upload the new template to your theme folder.

How to use a Plugin to delete WordPress sidebar?

The easiest way to remove the sidebar from your website page by page, is to activate and use the plugin Fullwidth Templates for Any Theme & Page Builder from Brainstorm Force, with this plugin you can add a full-width template to any theme, without having to do any configuration, just by activating it.

What to do to make the sidebar visible in WordPress?

First Install WordPress and Login to your site, go to the menu on the left and select the option ‘appearance’ followed by ‘customize’, this will run the customizer tool. The nomenclatures usually vary, but the one referring to the sidebar will have the word ‘sidebar’ in the title. When you find the sidebar widget and click.

How to make WordPress templates without sidebar?

If you don’t want to include the sidebar in your themes, just click on the ‘full page’ option within your theme options. Is option is usually the immediate solution, Although some themes do not have it available, in that case you must use the plugin.

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