How to remove the lag or delay in Minecraft so that it goes faster and more fluid

Escaping from problems in life can be one of the excuses that many people can claim to spend hours glued to their screen playing video games. And the one that is currently making a lot of noise is undoubtedly Minecraft. Create fantastic worlds, build different tools for everyday tasks, sow and harvest. These are some of the tasks that you can perform in this game, but there are problems that do not allow us to play smoothly. And for this reason we will teach you how to remove the lag or delay in Minecraft.

Minecraft presents us with different game modes and we can do whatever we please and this is one of its best and most attractive qualities. Where you will only need to create an account and start your session from the Minecraft page. To start playing, but as we already mentioned, delay or lag problems can occur that can be very annoying.

Among the main characteristics that a video game must have is first that it can present fluid movements and that does not show screen freezes. This would allow our intention and desire to play to be lost. Therefore, it is necessary that we can correct this problem and in this article we will tell you how to do it.

How to avoid or remove the lag or delay in Minecraft

Although sometimes we may think that we have all the tools to be able to play smoothly our game in Minecraft. Some inconveniences may arise that we do not understand why they occur. But it is possible that you have not taken into account some technical specifications that your device or PC must have that produces this failure.

remove lag minecraft

Many times it can be due to the speed of our internet, which may not be enough to run said game or maybe at that time of day it is slow, therefore the game will end up lagging, for this you need to do a speed test , to get rid of doubts about the problem.

to this problem it is known as Lag and this is the name that describes this situation that is presented to you. Which is nothing more than a delay in the signal and is linked to possible problems in the internet signal or the technical specifications of the equipment where you are playing, be it a mobile or personal computer.

Possible solutions to lag in Minecraft

Many times it can be thought that the solution to this problem can be achieved by updating Minecraft to its latest version. But it is not like that and it is normally the elements that we already mentioned. But it is possible reach a solution if you configure the game and for this you must enter the “Minecraft Settings”.

Once you are in this section you owe ensure the following parameters are set. First of all you have to disconnect some options and these are “3D vision” and “Soft lighting”. Now the next step is to select the “Graphics” option and set it to Fast.

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Now we will go to the last options that must be configured and this is the “Particle” option which you must place in Minimum. And the “Automatic” option which should now show Grayscale and in this way the lag or delay should be resolved.

If this situation persists then you will need to verify if your PC or mobile meets the minimum requirements to be able to play Minecraft. But you can also opt for a last option that can be the use of an application. In the market we can find some very good ones that help solve the problem of lag or delay and be able to play Minecraft smoothly.