How to remove the bonus icon that appears on TikTok? – Remove ads

For some time in the TikTok application, an icon of coins began to appear at the top. This icon is the TikTok bonus icon that offers new monetary opportunities to TikTokers. However, many people do not like this image and want to know how to remove it. So, this article will explain How to remove the bonus icon that appears on TikTok in addition to the operation of this new feature.

What is the function of the Tiktok Bonus for users?

TikTok bonus is a tool offered by this platform to be able to generate money just by sending invitations to your friends. In this order of ideas, they should be sent TikTok join invites to people who have never downloaded the app or have not created an account within the platform. With each person who signs up, you accumulate TikTok bonuses, or what is the same as coins that you can later convert into virtual money in a PayPal account.

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  • To generate these invitations, go to your personal TikTok account and look for the place where the TikTok bonus coins symbol is located.
  • After that, click on these coins to make invitations to this application.
  • At this point, the app will generate a confirmation request to verify that you meet the age of majority requirement.
  • Following the confirmation, the invite button must be selected and a code and a link will be generated there.
  • Then, you must decide by which means or networks you want to share this invitation, finally, you must click on send so that the invitations are generated.

If you are interested in continuing with this procedure, you can enter the coins and monitor the growth of your coins, in case people accept your invitation. For each person who enters your link and registers on TikTok, 6 Euros will be generated that will accumulate in your account.

If you enter TikTok bonus, you will see below the button where the invitation is generated, the box that marks the points or coins. Below this box there is a button that says withdraw, which is used when you want to convert your points into Paypal money. You can withdraw money as it is generated or accumulate a large amount and then withdraw it from the platform.

Why is the TikTok bonus symbol not appearing on your screen?

The TikTok bonus feature is a feature that is marketed i.e. money is generated. Therefore, it is not a function for all audiences. In this sense, only people of legal age will be able to see it in their accounts, it is say with more than 18 years. So if you have an account that reflects that your age is less than this limit, you will not find this icon.

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In the same way, being a more or less recent function, this it has not reached all the countries of the world. Thus, there will be countries where the TikTok application will be displayed in the common way without any new icon on the screen. In Spain and several Latin American countries, this function is already available, therefore in these regions the TikTok bonus currency symbol is already displayed, as well as the blue verification badge.

How to remove bonus icon for TikTok easily?

Now, if you don’t want to make money this way or don’t want to send invites, you can remove or remove the coin icon. To do this, you must enter your account on this social network and locate on the main screen of your profile tiktok bonus location. Which is located in the upper left section.

Once you have located the coins, you must carefully press an X that is next to this symbol. The process can be difficult becausesa equis is a bit small, so you will have to try several times. Upon pressing, the coins will disappear and you can continue to search and watch any video within the platform.

What to do if the bonus symbol on TikTok does not disappear?

You should know that this is a temporary solution since the coins or symbols that TikTok bonus opens are not deleted forever. In this order of ideas, when you close the application and then go back into your account, this image will appear again. Therefore, you must repeat the process of deleting the coins every time you open your TikTok account.

In case the TikTok bonus symbol does not disappear, you can try two procedures. The first is refresh page, what you can do by updating your account login. Likewise, there is the possibility of closing the app and re-entering so that the information is updated.

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The other way requires opening the TikTok bonus and trying to generate the invite code to other people. This is done by simply clicking on the coins and a box will open, carry out the process as if you were interested in this function. But, at the last minute, instead of sending the code, the box should be closed. Once again, it you should try to click on the x of the corner that allows to close the option to generate money.