How to remove or put the ‘invisible’ filter inside TikTok? – Edit content

The videos uploaded by content generators or creators are filled with a large number of filters and effects. This in order to make up and add features to the videos. One of the trending filters is the one that generates invisibility. So in this text we explain how remove or put the ‘invisible’ filter inside TikTok, so you can put this feature in your content.

What happens when you use this filter on TikTok?

The invisible filter has gained immense popularity within the TiKTok social network in a very short space of time. Well, this feature makes the image that appears on the screen look transparent. In other words, many of the things that are shown with these types of effects disappear completely, making them invisible.

invisible filter tiktok

Therefore, this feature is a great function with which to make many videos and fun dynamics. In this sense, you can make your followers Guess the position in which a certain object is hidden. You can also create signs that distract or help viewers guess. In this way, new and interesting content can be generated to attract the attention of more people to your channel.

What points should you know before removing or putting the invisible filter on this app?

Before you start using the invisible filter on your TikTok account, you should know some important points. First of all, this is a filter that cannot be easily removed, because in addition to hiding what appears on the screen, the icon that activates it is also hidden. Therefore, once the filter is activated, you may not be able to get back to the filters section to deactivate it.

In this order of ideas, some users wanted to play a joke on TikTokers and they hacked the use of this effect. Making it sometimes disappear for a while, making it impossible to remove the effect or filter until its icon appears again. For this reason, it is recommended to be very careful in its use, and in the event that you use it and you do not see how to remove it, do not lose your calm. Well, it reappears after a while, which is not fixed, so you can close the app and go back in to try to solve the problem.

Now, to remove or put the invisible effect inside a TikTok video, you should know that this is not a filter as such. Well, it’s in the popular section of the application, where you can also place stickers. Also, this feature needs to be downloaded to use it.which makes it an effect and not a filter.

How to remove the invisible filter from TikTok?

To find this effect, you must go to the section that says popular and there look for a blue icon, which has in the center a silhouette of a transparent person or invisible. Just by pressing it, this filter/effect is activated on the video. So now you can record your content and add all the effects you want, remember to add subtitles to the clip, as it is a good way to find people from other countries to see your videos.

transparency invisibility filter

In the same way, there is another way to activate or deactivate the invisible filter of the video, since this has a trigger that works as an activator. What needs to be done is to raise the palm of your hand and bring it in front of the screen so that the filter can be activated. Also, if you want to remove the invisible image, raise your palm back towards the screen and the real image is restored.

Before starting a video

Before starting to make the video you can use any of the two methods described in the previous section. Both ways have their difficulties, because the basic one, that of looking for the icon, has the problem of the icon disappearing. Making it a bit stressful having to wait for it to reappear to be able to remove the filter from the video.

On the other hand, the palm method may also have difficulty getting the app to turn the filter on or off. Well, on many phones, the trigger sensor is not that sensitive, so you may have to try multiple times until motion is detected. In some mobiles this way is not possible since they do not have the trigger that activates the motion sensor.

To remove it from an existing video

Once the video is published within the TikTok platform effects that have been added to the clip cannot be removed. In Google you can get tertiary applications or hacking methods that claim to help achieve this result. However, these have no effect within this social network, therefore, they are useless.

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The reason is that TikTok merges all the effects and filters with the video content. Hence there is no way to separate the code, so the way to remove the filter is to remove all video from your account. For this, you must access your profile and search for the clip, then, in the right corner, open the options menu and select the delete option.

How to put this filter back on your TikTok videos?

If you want to put the invisibility filter back on another TikTok video, you must repeat the activation process. So, you have to look for the effects part, in the tab that says popular and there look for the transparent blue silhouette. Remember that you can also try to activate the filter by means of the trigger, approaching the palm of your hand to the screen, specifically from the center towards the camera.