How to Remove Boot Password for Windows 8 & 10

How to Remove Boot Password for Windows 8 & 10-I already covered the subject eight years ago (already!) When Windows 8 was released, but it is clear that many of you still have to do with redundant password entry these days. when the engine starts.

Obviously, if your computer is in an environment where it is likely to be accessed by many people, where security is paramount, you will have to leave the password request at startup AND when exiting sleep mode.

But if, like many users, you experience this seizure on a daily basis, it may be time to get rid of it! : yes:

Well yes, apart from you, who are you going to bother each day?

Frankly, if someone steals your computer, you don’t need a password to access your data, just remove the disk and copy all of them… And I’m not telling you about all the tips that can be found on the Net to bypass this security …

I have often read in forums that people get stuck not finding no longer their identifiers and or had changed mailbox in the meantime and no longer had the possibility of retrieving the sacrosanct sesame, it’s a shame to manage to format it!

If this should happen to you, do not hesitate to ask for help. on our forum reserved for subscribers who support SOSPC. ;-)

In short, whatever the reason, if you need to transfer this request at startup, read this little tutorial, it will only take you a few minutes at most …

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A small video as an introduction


Operating mode

It goes without saying that this manipulation can only be carried out from an account with Administrator rights.

  • Press the keys Windows and R on your keyboard regardless of your version of Windows 8 or 10, 32 or 64 bits.
  • Type netplwiz rt (Where control userpasswords2option) in the field and validate with OK.
  • Select the relevant account and uncheck the option just above on the left.
  • Click on To apply at the bottom right.
  • Enter your password twice and confirm with OK.
  • Finish confirming again with OK.

That’s it, it’s already over, you are now rid of this ball! : yahoo:

If on the next restart there is an error message that will mean that you have entered the wrong password, you will have to start the operation again.

I specify that this access can also allow to create, modify or delete users.

Christophe : bye:

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