How to remove ‘Apple Pay’ cards from your device? – definitively

In the Apple app store, there are apps and other types of content that require a subscription or payment to be able to have them on the devices and thus make use of them more easily. Therefore, when making the payment some card must be registered debit or credit to obtain said content.

However, there are times when users want to make a change regarding the registration of said card, and they may even delete it. Here we will tell you how you can do so that delete the record of these payments through Apple Pay, find out how it’s done.

What do you need to do to change the default Apple Pay payment card?

The first card that is registered in any payment method is immediately assigned as the default card, unless we add one or a few more and then we can make the change and select another as default. But if you only have one, that one will stick there.

delete cards in apple pay

Now, the change can be made in different ways in Apple Pay depending on the device that you use to perform this action. So we will explain to you how to do it in the fastest and easiest way whether you use an iPhone, iPad, digital clock or a Mac.

from your iPhone

If you do it from your mobile device, you must enter the wallet platform that is installed on the cell phone or you can download it from the App Store, after you have the application open on the iPhone, then go to payment methods so you can see which cards you have linked there.

Otherwise, if you only have one registered card, you must then add at least one other to make the change, since otherwise, you will not be able to make the modification you want. When you see the cards, then you hold down the one you want to set as default.

Here you will see that the others are ahead, so it is required that the one you are going to choose as default by holding down you move it to the first position from top to bottom. This will then set the default card.

do the process on the apple watch

on the smart watch

For those who use Apple Watch, they should keep in mind that it is necessary to link your watch with the iPhone in order to carry out the process. In fact it is not done from the Apple Watchbut you must enter the Watch app on your mobile so that you can change the card there.

Being inside the application, you must look for the section of my watch and enter it on the cell phone. Right here you look for the wallet and Apple Pay, which is where we want to go to make the change. Then you must go to default values ​​section and then you go to the default cards.

Now the last step that remains is simply to select one of the cards that appears there as default, accept the conditions, confirm and the change will be registered automatically on your device and iCloud account.

With your Mac OR iPad

Whereas, if you use a Mac or an iPad and from there you want change a card, here the procedure for it is very different. Don’t worry because you can do it anyway. The first thing is that on the device you open the wallet application and within it, go to the settings or configurations.

portfolio application

On a Mac you must go to system preferences and then to the app, while on an iPad it is to go to settings and from there to Wallet and Apple Pay. Now, choose the card on your computer that you want to have as default and so you set it. But in the case of the iPad you must scroll through the menu to go to the default values, in turn press on the default card and there you finally select the one you want.

What is the way you can delete a card from your Apple Wallet?

On the other hand, it is possible that you delete a card registered in Apple payment methods (it is even very similar to deleting payment data in Play Store), as well you avoid any cumbersome process in which you can be involved. Here the processes also vary according to the device you use, we will explain two of them so that you can do it using the iPhone or the Mac.

Open the wallet application on your cell phone and go to the card section so you can select the one you want to delete. Press the plus button (represented by the three consecutive dots) and in the drop-down menu options you click delete, then you confirm by giving ok and in this way it will be eliminated.

make purchases online

If you are going to do it from your Apple computer, you should start by going to the system preferences and there you look for the wallet application. You enter the latter and within the cards, select the one you are going to delete. To remove it, press the button with a slightly elongated stripe (-) and click on delete and then accept. You could also do it from the Apple Pay page to make it effective, entering your iCloud data, delete the information right there.

How to update your Apple Pay payment information?

Another option that this platform allows you is that you can update the information it has regarding your payment methods. This means that you can modify your personal data, account numberyour contact and any other relevant information that you consider to keep updated.

To execute this, it is necessary that from the device enter the Portfolio application and head to where the cards are. After that, you are required to click on the more options button so that you click on the billing address and that is where you make the relevant changes.