How to reinvest your earnings in other Masternodes

Feel-Mining released version 2 of its platform this weekend. This French company, which is very young (only 18 months old), offers investment services 2.0.

The flagship products are the MasterNodes (you block a certain number of cryptocurrency to grow your earnings). This system is very similar to savings.

More simply, MasterNodes allow you to generate passive income with higher ROI rates than bank placements.

One of the new features expected in this version 2 is the possibility of reinvest your earnings in new MasterNodes.


Be careful, investing in cryptocurrencies is dangerous. It is essential to invest only what you are willing to lose. Indeed, the volatility being important you can lose everything overnight!

We have achieved a complete tutorial to invest in MasterNodes.

To reinvest your earnings you must order a MasterNode Expert.

In expert mode, it is up to you to bring the collateral (the amount necessary to create the MasterNode), you only pay for the installation of the server.

feelmining masternode expert

You must then choose the project and the type (full or shared).

masternode catalog

We click on invest then we pay for the order.

The reinvestment request comes after payment, when you will be asked to provide the necessary collateral!

Remember to grab the promo code TUTOS , he offers you 5% reduction on your order!

The page is accessible from the menu “Contracts & Orders

feelmining contract management

Then you have 2 possibilities:

  • Transfer of tokens from a wallet
  • Pay with your Feel Mining scale

Reinvestment Feel Mining

feel mining warning
You are asked to confirm your choice.

Once paid the contract usually starts within 10 minutes!

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