How to register on Telegram several times without problems – Multiple account

Telegram has made it easy for its users to make use of the platform. To do this, let the same account can be added on different devices without having a rigorous process to do it. It is not even required that there is an internet connection on the main device.

Therefore, we will explain how you can do so that you have the same Telegram account on your tablet, mobile or computer in a very simple and practical way. Besides, what can you know? how to integrate more than one account on a cell phone (since this is also possible to do).

What should you do to be able to have the same Telegram account on different devices?

As we have already mentioned, from Telegram you can have your account open on several devices (as many as you want and are willing to open). To do this, you only need to have on hand the mobile phone with the corresponding Sim Card to the phone number that you already have registered in your account.

It is only enough that you have the application installed on the device or open it from the web version of the same if it is a PC. Then there you will be asked to enter the phone number, then you will receive the code to open the account, you place it and ready that easy you can access.

link two accounts

The most important thing is that you will not lose any information of the chats, since the application works with an automatic saving system in the cloud that allows an immediate synchronization of the account, regardless of the device you are using, everything is done in real time.

How can you create a second Telegram account from your mobile?

Another of the recent functions offered by Telegram is that we can create another account apart from the main one on our own mobile, but in addition to that, it is possible to do it on any computer and it never takes into account the operating system of any of them.

Here we explain how you can do so that you achieve have two accounts with the same number phone in your Telegram. Pay attention to the steps that will be given depending on whether you have a cell phone or PC.

On iPhone or Android

From your mobile, enter the instant messaging platform and you are going to press between the menu of the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner (in Android) or in settings from iOS or to the secret menu. Here you will see your profile as main and there is a down arrow, click on it.

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It will then load a dropdown menu that shows you some options, look where it says ‘add account’ so that a tab is loaded where you must place the code corresponding to your country and on the right side the cell phone number. Click on ok or confirm and finish the process by placing the information you want there.

With your Windows PC or Mac

In the event that you are going to do it from a computer, here it works very similar to the mobile if you download the application and do not use the web version. Yes you do it with the app, you must repeat the same procedure that we tell you at the top, going to the main menu, from there to the arrow below the profile picture, then add account and the rest…

Because if you prefer to do it using the web version of Telegram, there is really no point in doing this because you are not allowed to add more accounts here, you will only be able to make the settings you want, but not add another account like you do in the app.

What is the process in which you can have two Telegram accounts with the same number?

On the other hand, it is possible that you can have two accounts under the same cell phone number. This feature was made so that people can manage your conversations more comfortably, separating work and family or friends, even from school and any other classification that is given.

multiple accounts on telegram

If you want to try this, then you enter the application from your cell phone and go to the main menu, there under the photo click on add account and enter the same phone number that you already have. Wait until the code arrivesyou enter it and then you assign a username to it to be able to manage both profiles on the mobile.

However, you can have your phone number registered in two applications, one that you download in APK format and the other that is the official one that appears in the mobile app store. In each of them you must make a record with the same phone number and you choose whether you want to synchronize all the contacts or not, which facilitates the purpose of said action.

What steps must you follow to be able to have two Telegram profiles on the same device?

The process to be able to have two profiles, accounts or phone numbers is very similar to the previous one, the only thing is that when you go to add the account, you enter the new number you want to add, wait for the code to arrive and this way you can access to two totally different accounts on the same device.